Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Website for New Pro Products

This spring I posted about the VT-2 livewell system (Click here to read).  This week launched a new responsive website.  It is now easier to find out more about this great product.  The website is colorful and easy to navigate.  Everything you need to know about the products is there at the click of a mouse.

I have used the VT-2 system this tournament season.  I can’t say enough about how happy I am with it.   I only wish I had them sooner.  I did lose one fish early this season but it was my fault.  I had my live well system set wrong (I had a new boat and didn’t understand the way Stratos livewells worked) It turned out I had a switch set wrong and the live wells were not full.  The VT-2 system was not at fault, even my pumps were not, it all came down on my shoulders for failing to understand my boats livewell system.

With that said I did have two situations this year where I ran my battery dead and had to turn my pumps off.  I was able to turn them back on after I made a run to charge the battery some, but I truly believe having the VT-2’s helped keep those fish alive during these situations.  In both situations I was able to keep the fish alive and because of it I was in the money.  I don’t believe I would have brought all my fish to the weigh-in alive without the VT-2’s. 

If you have lost fish this tournament season and are looking for a cost effective way to keep your fish alive look into the VT-2 system.  If you want that extra layer of protection for your catch, look into the VT-2’s.  I personally will never own another boat without them. 

Make sure you go check out the new, New Pro Products website.  Find out why the VT-2 is right for you.  Read over the testimonials, watch the install video and see how easy they are to install.  I doubt any angler would ever regret buying a set of VT-2’s; you will regret not buying them.


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