Monday, February 17, 2014

Is Your Livewell V-T2?

You can catch the winning bag of fish, but if you don’t get them back to the weigh-in it doesn’t matter.  One of the biggest struggles an angler can deal with while on the water, is keeping their catch alive.
Livewells have come a long way over the years.  Keeping fish alive has become easier.  Despite the improvements in livewells I would still venture to say most anglers have had a fish or two die.  Tournament anglers have to worry about the condition of their catch along with catching them.

The V-T2 livewell ventilation system can and will help you keep those fish alive.  Unlike other livewell systems, the V-T2 does not use any of your precious battery power and after installation it does not require any maintenance to keep it working at 100%.  The V-T2 will fit any make or model of boat, is environmentally friendly, and easy to install.

The V-T2 is constantly and silently working all day to help keep your fish safe and healthy.  It allows oxygen to flow into your livewell while providing an escape route for the heat and metabolic gases that build up in a livewell to exit. 

Anglers know heat can be a killer for bass in a livewell.  A lot of guys will add ice to their livewell to help
cut down on heat, but if you aren’t careful and add to much ice you can cause more harm to the fish when you place it in the colder water.  The shock from one extreme to another can be deadly for bass.  The V-T2 cools the water naturally the “movement of your boat (will) increase circulation and livewell water inversion that naturally cools livewell water.” 

You also don’t have to worry about water splashing out of your livewell once the V-T2 is installed.  The three inch sleeve keeps the water in the livewell where it belongs.  It has been tested in heavy chop and because the three inch sleeve impedes water movement even in large waves you won’t lose any water.

The V-T2’s are relatively inexpensive they cost $44.99 and come in black or white.  They can be purchased at  There are also instructions on how to install your set of V-T2’s which can be done quickly and easily, with a drill, a few bits, and a hole saw. 

Don’t let another bass die in your livewell this year.  Take a few minutes of your time and install the V-T2 which could be the difference in a check or going home empty handed.  Don’t regret not adding the V-T2 system to your boat.
Keep checking back because we have a set of V-T2’s we will be giving away soon!

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