Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hitch Series Keeper Review

Over the years I have bought more soft plastics than I care to admit.  You know how it is with some soft plastics, you catch a few bass or even just one and then the lure is destroyed.  Sure if you catch a monster bass losing a plastic isn’t a big deal.  However, losing a plastic with every bass can be a pain and costly hit to your wallet.  Not to mention, constantly having to replace your lure can waste valuable fishing time.  If you are using scent or dipping dye, it only increases the expense and time.  Not only can you lose precious fishing time, you are also spending money with every new bait.

There is a product on the market that can help anglers hang onto their soft plastics a little longer and catch more bass with each one.  The Hitch Series Trailer Keepers do just that.  They offer three models; The Texas Rig Hitch, The Trailer Hitch and The Bait Hitch. 

The Hitch Series Keeper’s are made from stainless steel spring wire.  They come in three quantities 5 for $2.89, 10 for $3.59 and 20 for $5.59.  I have fished with them for 3 months and can tell you that the extra investment paid off for me.  I was able to catch more bass with the same soft plastic lures I had been losing after 1 to 3 bass.  Once the lure was beaten up to badly, I could use the same Hitch Series Keeper and put a new plastic on and get back to fishing.

Texas Rig Hitch

I have used the Texas Rig Hitch more than the others because when I found the Hitch Series Trailer Keepers I was on a fluke bite that went on for three weeks.  I was losing baits constantly before using the Texas Rig Hitch.  I tried super glue on the hook and a few other things but nothing worked like the Texas Rig Hitch did.
To use the Texas Rig Hitch you simply Texas rig your bait like you normally would. Then take the long end of the Texas Rig Hitch, pierce the plastic lure where the eye of the hook is from the bottom side.  Next slide the Texas Rig Hitch through the eye of the hook to the middle of it and then pierce the plastic lure with the arms of the Texas Rig Hitch, make sure the long arm is on the top side of your bait and it will stay in place.
After rigging a few plastics with them you find it only takes another second or two to re-rig a new plastic.  I used it with a fluke, frog, crawl, worm, basically anything you Texas rig.  We have all had those times where the plastic we are using slides up the hook and line then, we have to spend time fixing our bait after catching a bass.  The Texas Rig Hitch really does fix this problem, it keeps that bait from sliding up the line and ripping.
Trailer Hitch

I fish a jig a lot and over the years I have used super glue to help keep my trailer up on the jig so I don’t have to continually fix the trailer after it slipped down the hook.  The Trailer Hitch works better than super glue and in my opinion it is easier to use.  You don’t have to worry or deal with getting super glue on your fingers or boat.

It is simple to rig any bait with the Trailer Hitch.  It has a circle at the top that you slide over the hook and up to the skirt, then you rig your plastic like you normally would snugging it up to the Trailer Hitch.  You insert the arms of the Trailer Hitch into the plastic and you are done.

It holds your trailer in place even when you swing and miss or get hooked up on something.  The only issue I had was that the jigs I was using didn’t have a very good keeper built in.  The Trailer Hitch would slide down the hook, it was a simple fix, a quick squeeze with a pair of needle nose pliers kept it in place with no issues.  You can use the Trailer Hitch on jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits or chatterbaits.  Again if you feel like the Trailer Hitch is not staying in place like you want, you can give the circle that slides over the hook a slight squeeze and it will.

Bait Hitch

The Bait Hitch is made for jig heads or shakey heads.  I use shakey heads with a screw lock but after talking to a friend of mine he told me to try the Bait Hitch even after the plastic was screwed to the jig.  I am not sure that it does anymore for the bait but I can say that it gives me more confidence that I won’t lose the lure. 
The Bait Hitch works great for a jig head dressed with a grub.  In the past, I have always had issues keeping a grub in place because jig heads don’t seem to offer much in the way of a keeping them on.  The grub stays put with a Bait Hitch.  You can use the Bait Hitch on a jig head, swimbait head or shakey head.  You rig your grub or whatever you are using like normal, than you simply put one of the arms through the eye of the jig head, slide it to the middle of the Bait Hitch, pull the arms apart and pierce the sides of the plastic.  The plastic will stay in place and last longer than normal.

If you are tired of wasting time and money when fishing a soft plastic lure you really need to invest in the Hitch Series Trailer Keeper.  The investment will help you save more money in the long run.  I have personally saved hundreds on plastics since using the Hitch Series Trailer Keeper.  You can find them at  Don’t waste any more money than you have to on soft plastics or time you could be fishing fixing your bait, invest in the Hitch Series Trailer Keepers.  You can order your Hitch Series Keepers by visiting their website: