Friday, February 22, 2013

Classic day 1

What a day one at the Bassmaster Classic!  Michael Iaconelli and Cliff Pace are tied for first place; they both have 21-8lbs.  I though the cold weather would cause the bass to flee deep and make this Classic a much harder tournament, man was I wrong.

The best anglers in the world proved even in cold weather and cold water temps they could catch them.  Hackney said when he launched the water temp was 39 degrees.  Then I heard Ike say the northern strain is not affected by that kind of temp.  I can say being a northern boy that’s not my experience.
Anyway it is shaping up to be a great Classic.  Speaking of great Classic last year’s winner Chris Lane came to the scales with no bass.  It was refreshing to see him not make excuses but live up to not having anything, what a stand-up guy.

It is going to be a shootout the next two days with IKE and Pace tied and KVD sitting in fourth.  I think it would be cool if there is a tie on Sunday and they have to battle it out some more.  This Classic is shaping up to be a nail bitter.

The top 25 are below