Monday, December 31, 2012

More On Timmy Horton’s New TV Show

Like I said I would I set the DVR and recorded “Timmy Horton Outdoors”.  I have to say it was a good show.  I really enjoyed the show.  It was nice to see someone like Timmy Horton on the deck of the boat over the guys we see week in and week out.

Now don’t get me wrong I love Bill Dance and I watch his show but it feels like the same thing every week.  Even Bass Pro Shops TV show is KVD almost every week.  It was nice to see a fresh face showing us how to fish.

It was also cool to see Timmy Horton explain why he was doing what he was doing.  He showed why he was going to pick up and move, which he did a few times during the show.  It was a change of pace from what we see most of the time.  You never see Bill Dance (Still love him) say; “ok time to move.”  I have never seen KVD do it on the BPS show either.  Sure he does when we see him on Bass Masters.

If you didn’t see the show make sure you try and catch the next one.  I am sure they will replay the first one so make sure you try and find it on your TV guide and make sure you watch it.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Timmy Horton Has a New TV Show

from his website

Timmy Horton has his own TV Show.  I have to say I am excited about it.  I like Tim Horton, and I am glad to see he will have his own show.  My DVR is set so I don't miss an episode.  The following is from his website: "First show airs December 31st on Pursuit at 12:30pm eastern time - Catch the excitement on the pilot show, “Fishing The Flow” as Tim catches a giant on Pickwick Lake in Alabama while demonstrating late spring river-ledge tactics in deep water."
Make sure you check it out.  You can see lots of cool content and learn more about it at Timmy Horton's website.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cool Facebook Page

I ran across a cool page on Facebook: Global Outdoors Sports Magazine. Make sure you go check them out. They have this to say on their Facebook Page:

"covers fishing , hunting and other outdoors activity's around the world and brings it to you all in one place."

It has a lot of photos of lures and links to great articles and information. Make sure you check them out and "like" them so you can stay up to date!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

9 Year old Fly tier

Well maybe Mason Brent Chapman's son has a career in fishing just like his dad. At 9 years old he can tie flies better than I can. Watch out Brent your son is coming for you.  That is pretty cool.

from Brent Chapman's Facebook Page

Friday, December 21, 2012


Thank you to everyone who helped Chris McDonald Fishing reach 200 likes on Facebook.  I would like to announce our winner: Douglas Taylor you are the winner of the prize pack.  Please contact us so we can send you our prize.  Thank you everyone, keep telling your friends about Chris McDonald Fishing.  Help us grow more in 2013 by getting your friends to check us out.  As we grow we will be sure to give back.  Have a great Christmas and keep reading Chris McDonald Fishing!

Douglas Taylor is the Winner

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Bass Fishing site dedicated to College and High School Fishing


There is a cool new site dedicated to College and High school bass fishing.  Check out the press release below.  Make sure you check it out.

Dallas, TX –, LLC today unveiled its new Website,, a website devoted to collegiate and high school fishing.
... will be the largest repository of information for both collegiate and high school fishing available. The Website will cover upcoming tournament schedules, results and news, along with other news from the college and high school scenes. will also provide information on a regular basis such as bass club and angler profiles, club contact information, and a forum for collegiate and high school anglers to communicate with one another.

“We are incredibly excited about the launch of,” Darragh said. “We feel that will become the leading Website of collegiate and high school scholastic fishing information available on the Internet.”

About, LLC. The mission for is to increase the awareness of scholastic fishing at both the collegiate and high school levels nationwide. provides daily news, tournament schedule and results, information and educational pieces on the world of collegiate and high school fishing.

New Fishing Magazine

From the Bass Quest Magazine website
It seems like a lot of online and print bass fishing magazines have popped up over the last few years.  I just found out about a new one.  This magazine is a little different because of who owns the magazine.  Bass Quest Magazine is a new print magazine started by Aaron Martens, Randy Howell and Brent Chapman.

Their first magazine is out and ready to ship.  It is a quarterly magazine meaning they will have 4 issues each year.  A one year subscription is $20.  That makes each issue $5 which seems par for other magazines on the market.  The first issue is on their website so you can see what it looks before you order it. 

After checking out the first issue online I have to say it looks pretty cool.  I will have to add it to my list of magazines I read.  Make sure you check it out so you can decide if you want to subscribe for yourself.  I have to say I still prefer to read a magazine I am holding over the online ones so I am glad to see it is a publication I can do that with.  Check it out at
You can also by pass the main page and go straight to the first issue to check it out here    

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Help Chris McDonald Fishing and YOU Could WIN

Help Chris McDonald Fishing hit 200 likes on our Facebook page.  Once we hit that 200 like mark we will be giving away a prize pack of some of my favorite fishing lures and colors.  Make sure you go over to the Facebook page and like it so you are signed up for the giveaway.

This is the prize pack make sure you go and like the Chris McDonald Fishing page on Facebook!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Frabill Lure Retriever review

How many times have you hung a crankbait up in a tree?  Or some other lure up in a tree or something else in less then 15ft of water and thought if my arms were just a little longer I could get that out of there?  We spend good money on lures knowing that there is a chance that these lures could be hung up and lost forever.
I had succumbed to losing lures until I found the Frabill Lure Retriever.  The Frabill Lure Retriever is a telescoping lure retriever that at its longest length will become 15 feet.  There are three stages to which you can pull each section of the lure retriever out.  Each section can be locked into place so it stays at your desired length.  You don’t even have to pull out the full five foot section before you lock it into place so if you are hung up in 7ft of water you don’t have to deal with a 10 or 15ft pole, you can customize the length you need.

There is a metal cork screw at the top to help knock any lure free from a snag up to 15 feet.  I saw the product for the first time at Gander Mountain last spring and decided I needed to own it.  I had a hard time pulling the trigger on it, considering they wanted $50.

Over the summer, this one piece of invaluable equipment has saved me hundreds of dollars.  I could have very easily lost a couple hundred dollars’ worth of lures this summer if it had not been for this one invention.

It has worked well in river systems and lakes.  I have found it a very valuable tool I never want to be without.  The investment has paid for itself in lures.  Yes, if the lure was beyond 15ft, I was not able to save it, with the lure retriever but many were rescued.

When not in use, the lure retriever collapses down to 68 inches (5ft 7 inches).  With a few turns of the clam locks you can extend the telescoping part of the lure retriever to 15ft.  The aluminum construction allows it to stand up to the punishment of any angler.  It fits nicely into your rod locker, out of the way until you need it.

You simply put your line through the cork screw portion at the top of the lure retriever and slip it down the line to the snagged lure.  Once you get to the hang up you simply knock it against the lure and it will come free.

I have used this all summer and have been able to free lures from trees under the water, rocks and line hidden beneath the water.  I have also used the lure retriever to knock lures free from places I don’t think Frabill intended for it to work.  I have freed lures from trees hanging over the shore and fences.
The lure retriever worked well above and below the water.  You can find the Lure retriever at Tackle Wharehouse and Frabill for $36.99 to $39.99.  The cost of this expense can be made up for quickly in the lures you won’t break off and lose.  

I love the Frabill lure retriever.  I give it a 5 out of 5.  It works well, and I have had no problems with it in the year I have been using it.  Even in cold weather it works well.  If you are looking for a lure retriever I recommend this one.

Save the lures you spent your hard earned money on with one simple purchase.  Don’t worry any longer about fishing a $15 lure over brush piles or stumps.  If you have the Frabill Lure Retriever those lures will be coming home with you.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dallas Cowboys Fish Tournaments Too

Have you ever wondered what football players do in the off season?  I found this video of Dallas Cowboys saftey Gerald Sensabaugh and how he spends his off season fishing.