Sunday, September 9, 2012

Did Berkley Steal The Design Of The HAVOC Sick Fish?

I have fallen in love with Berkley’s HAVOC line of baits over the last few years. The HAVOC Pit Boss and Fatty Craw have basically replaced other soft plastic craws in my boat. The tubes worms and finesse worms have also made their way into it as well. I have been using the Subwoofer a lot this summer on swim jigs and chatter baits. 


I have been hearing Skeet Reese talk about the HAVOC Sick Fish for a while now.  After doing some research I am wondering did HAVOC and Skeet rip off a little know company from out west?  The Sick Fish looks a lot like the Little Creeper Trash fish.

What do you think?  They sure look a lot alike to me.  The Little Creeper Trash Fish looks more realistic then the HAVOC Sick Fish and the paddle fin's on the back sure look the same.  Sure the body of the Sick fish is a little thinner and the top fin is just a tad different.  However it sure looks like the same bait.  So I ask; is this just another example of big business stealing an idea from a small company and basically sticking it to the little guy?  Even if it is a different bait design they look so similar it’s hard to argue that they are not the same bait.

One of HAVOC’s selling points for me has been the price.  A pack of Pit Boss’s cost $2.99 for 8 of them.  That is cheaper than most plastic craws on the market.  So you have to think that the Sick Fish will sell for about the same price.  Tackle Warehouse has a place on their website for them with a price of $2.99 for 2.  Tackle Warehouse also sells the Trash Fish for $12.99 to $15.99 (depending on the size) for a 2 pack.
So let’s just say they are the same design and work the same in the water.  What is going to happen to Little Creeper’s sales of the Trash Fish?  Are they going to take a hit?  I can say I am cheap, I look for the best deal.  Fishing can be an expensive sport.  With gas at $4.00 a gallon you have to cut spending somewhere. 
So I now ask you this, do you think HAVOC has stolen the design and are you going to buy the HAVOC Sick Fish based on what you think.  I will be buying a pack to look at them and compare them to the Little Creeper Trash Fish.  However, I am not sure if I will be buying more when they finally hit the market.  What about you?  The release date of the Sick Fish has still not been announced as far as I can tell.