Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Take On The Umbrella Rig

The umbrella rig has taken the fishing world by storm.  When Paul Elias dominated on Lake Guntersville using the Alabama Rig the bass fishing world stood up and took notice of this new rig, technique, system or whatever you want to call it.
Since that tournament, companies have been making their own version of the umbrella rig.  Some with slight differences and some that have taken the idea to a whole new level.  Get Hooked Baits introduced their own cast able umbrella rig known as “The Rig”.
Get Hooked Baits is pushing the envelope with their two new umbrella rigs “The Buzz Rig” and “The Spinner Rig”.  The names give the product away.  They are your normal looking spinnerbait and buzzbait with one big difference.  Instead of a hook they both have three wires coming out of the body so you can attach plastic swimbaits to the lure.

The Spinner Rig combines the design of traditional spinner bait with the attention- getting design of an umbrella rig. The Spinner Rig features a coast-lock at the spinner bait blade, allowing you to change your blade in a matter of seconds. With the coast-lock at the blade, you can also add additional lure if desired. The Spinner Rig is constructed of 325 lb. corrosion resistant stainless steel wire and swivels which are 70 lb. test stainless steel.  It comes in five different colors and cost 21.99.

The Buzz Rig combines the design of the traditional buzz bait with the attention-getting design of an umbrella rig. The Buzz Rig is designed to run three baits behind standard buzz bait.  This allows you the opportunity to catch the fish that normally miss the standard buzz bait. The Buzz Rig is constructed of 325 lb. corrosion resistant stainless steel wire and swivels which are 70 lb. test stainless.  It comes in black and white and cost 21.99.

Get Hooked Baits also has a cool pack you can pick up from their website.  The rig kit comes with “The Rig”, 5 1/8oz “Shackeyhead jigs” and a 7 pack of swimbaits.  The swimbaits and jig heads work great on “The Rig”, “The Buzz Rig” and “The Spinner Rig.

You can find both “The Spinner Rig” and “The Buzz Rig” at Landbigfish.com and Gethookedbaits.com.     

Monday, March 5, 2012

10 Things you need in 2012

New tackle and accessories begin to line the shelves at your favorite tackle shop this time of year.  Each year it can be overwhelming and hard to figure out what you should add to your arsenal.  I have composed my top ten list of tackle and accessories I believe can help you this year.  Like most anglers I have a budget and buying those expensive toys can be a burden,so with that in mind all of the items on this list are under $100 so buying  a few should not hurt your budget.

Alabama Rig

1)   The Alabama Rig took the bass fishing world by storm last spring.  Even though in some states it is not legal and some tournaments are banning it from use, you may very well still need one in your box.  You may be fishing against guys who have them in their boats, so you don’t want to be left out.  You can learn more about the Alabama Rig at www.thealabamarig.com they run $27.99.  There are also several other models on the market.

Rig Cylinder

2)   The Rig Cylinder is a new product that has spawned out of the Alabama Rig frenzy.  It allows you to store your umbrella rigs after a day of fishing.  It also allows you to store your Alabama Rig with all of your swimbaits and hooks still attached.  They fit nicely in a tackle bag allowing you to store them in one area.   You can find out more by emailing them at , their website is currently under construction.  They run $5.99 or 3 for $15.00.

The Snip

3)   The Snip is a small portable pair of scissors.  You can get them with a LED light built in to help see what you are cutting at dusk and dawn.  It has a retractable cord with a ring on itso you can attach it to you belt buckle or coat.  It cuts braid, mono and fluorocarbon with ease.  You can learn more at www.boomerangtool.com they cost between $11.95-$14.95.

Ball Frog

4)   Frogs have become a main stay in most anglers’tackle box.  The Ball Frog is an interesting new frog.  It is a hand crafted lure that works just like the traditional hollow belly frog anglers are used to.  The difference is that it has a single hook on the back that you can put a soft plastic grub or worm on.  They cost $15.00 you can get more information at www.balsleylureco.com.

Death Shimmer Spinnerbait

5)   Spinnerbaits have not changed much since they hit the market back in the 1950’s; that is until now.  Death Shimmer has made a radical change to the design of the spinnerbait which gives the bait more vibration as it is reeled back to the boat.  When the conditions call for more vibration over flash the Death Shimmer spinnerbait is a must.  You can find out more information about the Death Shimmer at www.deathshimmer.com.  They retail for $8.49.

Invisa Swivel

6)   The Invisa Swivel has been on the market for a few years.  The Invisa Swivel is a neutrally buoyant swivel which is virtually invisible under water much like fluorocarbon.  This allows you to use a swivel without having to worry about a fish seeing it.  Because it is neutrally buoyant you also don’t have to worry about it affecting the action of your lure.  They come in 5 sizes. You can get more information at www.aquateko.com.  They cost $4.99 for a 5 pack.

Wright & McGill Rick Clunn Rods

7)   A few years ago Wright & McGill introduced the Skeet Reese line of Rods.  They recently released the new Rick Clunn cranking rods.  The Rick Clunn line consist of 6 rods for different cranking techniques.  They include jerkbaits, square bills, clear water square bills, murky water square bills, lipless baits and deep cranking.  The rods standout with a unique color that fits Rick Clunn.  The rods have amazing action and sensitivity.  If you are a cranking guru or just want to look like Clunn then they are worth looking into.  You can find out more information at www.wright-mcgill.com.  They are $89.99.

Rod Glove

8)   If you spend good money on your rods you will want to protect your investment.  The Rod Glove is the best way I have found to do this.  They are made of woven plastic which helps protect your rods.  The tapered tip they feature also keeps the rod tip safe and secure when storing them in your rod locker.  They come in 17 colors and you can add technique tags so you can find the rod you want quickly.  They are great for a boater and co-angler alike.  You can find out more info at www.vrxfishing.com.  The Rod Glove sells for $6.49-8.49 and the technique tags can be added for another $1.09.

Pro Max

9)   Abu Garcia has been known for high quality expensive reels, like the Revo.  In late 2012 they released a new line of reels the “Max” series that fit the average angler’s price range.  The Pro Max is the high end model.  It features 7 bearings and a 7.1:1 gear ratio.  It weighs less than 8 ounces.  The spool has a smooth retrieve and for under $100 it is the best reel on the market for the price.  You can find out more about the Pro Max and the other reels in the “Max” line at www.abugarcia.com. The Pro Max retails for $79.99.

Rapala Tournament Scale

10)TheRapala Touch Screen Tournament Scaleis a great addition to any tournament anglers arsenal.  The scale is a touch screen and you can store up to eight different weights on it at one time.  It runs on AA batteries for up to 400 hours.  It comes with 8 numbered call floats so you can keep track of your fish, and a storage bag to keep it all together for easy storage.  You can find out more about it at www.rapala.com.  It cost $54.99.

This year as you are looking to buy new gear and gadgets to help improve your fishing I hope you consider this list.  Because they are reasonably priced you might consider adding a few to your line up this year.