Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rapala's New Ike's Custom Ink

Rapala is introducing their new line of DT crankbaits.  The bait is has not changed but the colors selection has.  Check out the video below and let me know what you think?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jack-It Lures New Player In The Bass Fishing World

One of the best things about writing bass fishing articles are the people you meet.  For me, one of those people is Brian Metry, who started Jack-it Products, LLC.  Jack-it is a new lure company started in January of 2011.  Jack-It is located in Michigan and they have been proven fish catchers in their first year with a unique line of products.
Brian has always had a passion for creating lures and dreamed about designing affordable lures everyone could use.  Brian lost his landscaping business during the auto collapse because most of his contracts were with auto companies. It was during that difficult time that he decided to pursue his dream and started his own lure company.  Brian used his knowledge as a competitive Bass angler to design Jack-its line of lures.
Their best-selling lure is the “Hammer" which is a lipless crankbait.  It can be worked just like other lipless crankbaits.  The Hammer stands out because it has a larger head than other lipless crankbaits.  This gives it an advantage because the oversized head allows it to deflect off of cover better than other lipless baits.  It weighs ¾ oz. but it still has the same body size as ½ oz. lipless baits.  The weight allows you to make contact better with the bottom while you are slow rolling the bait.  It also comes into play when you are ripping it off the bottom and letting it fall.  The weight helps it look more like a dying bait fish.  The Hammer comes in 17 colors.
The “Predator" is a 4-6 ft. running crankbait.  The bill and body is designed like no other, and this design causes it to run more like a square bill crankbait without the traditional short square bill.  The longer bill helps the Predator to deflect off of cover better than others.  The shape of the bait allows the lure to roll as it wobbles side to side.  The "Bug-eyes” design in the mold also gives it a different look than other crankbaits.  The rolling swim action as well as the "bug-eyes” make it uniquely different.  It also floats which helps it deflect off of cover; it is available in 13 colors.
The "Jerk Money 120" is a suspending model jerkbait that has a stronger bill that won’t break like other jerk baits.  The top of the Jerk Money 120 is flat which imitates shad, which are the most favorable bait fish for bass and other game fish.  Most other jerk baits are round on top imitating minnows or smelt.  Shad are like steak to bass, whereas minnows and smelt are burger to most Game fish.  It weight’s 5/8 oz. and can be worked between 4 to 5 feet.  It is available in 21 patterns.
The "Liberty Hydronic" is a 9-12' diving crank bait which has a cavity in the bill that causes it to reach the strike zone faster than other crank baits. This cavity allows the Liberty Hydronic to have a shorter casting distance and the lure can still get to its maximum diving depth.  This is new technology and Jack-it Lures is the only company in the US that carries this bill design.  The vent in the bill gets it down faster, reducing resistance against the bill.  The cavity is pointed on an angle which helps propel the bait to the bottom.  It is available in 12 colors. 
All of Jack-It Lures "Pro Series Lures" have unique and effective color schemes as well as cutting edge, raised detail on the bodies.  All of the color names are original and fun to laugh at, making it easy to have a good time while fishing, even when the bite is slow.  Just to name a few of their colors: Scrambled Eggs, Pyromania, Beer Battered, Opening Day, Pale Ale, Dragons Breath, Mad Shad, Key Lime Pie, Hot Tamale, Orange Crush, Christmas Time, Nesle Crunch and Smokin' Shad.  They also have deeper running crankbaits, the “Deep Runner 600” which can be worked 15 to 18 ft. and the “Deep Runner 800” which dives to 20 to 24 ft.  They also have the “Jack Flash Frog” which is a hollow belly frog that can be worked over pads and matted grass.
Brian and all the guys at Jack-It Lures have the customers in mind for quality as well as pricing of their products.  The quality of the "Pro Series Lures" is top notch and comparatively they are 15-40% cheaper than other lures in their class.  With the innovative bill designs along with original color schemes and with cutting edge detail in the molds you will not find better lures at a better price. 
If you are looking for some new lures in 2012 you might want to consider Jack-it Lures.  The lures are amazing and in my mind they compare to brands like Lucky Craft, and other big name lures on the market.  I will be reviewing most of their lures in the coming year.  I have looked at and played with (not on the water yet) all of their lures and I am very impressed.  Make sure you check them out at www.jack-itproducts.com

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strike Kings New Top Water Lure

Strike King is releasing an new Top water bait the KVD Sexy Dawg, check out the press release below:

Strike King Lure Company, is proud to introduce the new KVD Sexy Dawg! BASS Elite Series Angler, Kevin VanDam, designed the KVD Sexy Dawg to be an easy to walk, far casting, and premium “walk the dog” topwater lure with great action. Kevin is a phenomenal fisherman who loves to fish fast and powerful and this bait fits him perfectly. The new KVD Sexy Dawg has been designed to be the best walking bait made. It features a unique design to give it an incredible walking action that will drive fish crazy. It comes in two sizes, a 3-hook version and a 2-hook version. Rhythmically twitch your rod tip to make the nose go side to side. Take one for a walk and hold on for some explosive strikes!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Win a Jersey from Animal Customs

Animal Customs is giving away a free jersey for Febuary.  Below are the rules and how to win: 
1 Jersey Style of your Choice. This includes Semi, Pro or Elite style!!!

To Enter Design a jersey, using our online Jersey DESIGNER STUDIO.
Post a PICTURE OF IT (not a link please) of it on your Animals FB page, Tag Yourself in the pic.
... and with the following statement attached to your post:

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Mondo will personally choose the one I like the best.

If you dont win, dont forget you can get a discount at Animal Customs going thru Chris McDonald Fishing

New Video from Brandon Palaniuk

Elite Series Angler Brandon Palaniuk has been releasing Youtube videos over last month.  There have been some great ones.  He released a new one yesterday where he was fishing the Alabama rig.  It is a great video.  Check it out, to see all of his latest videos make sure you subscribe to his Youtube page.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trokar Treble’s Mean Trouble for Bass

            I had the chance to try the new Lazer Trokar® Treble hooks.  I was amazed that Trokar was able to take the same technology from their hooks and transition it into the treble hooks.  I was able to test the TK300 which is their round bend treble hooks.  They are short shank hooks with a wide gap.  They come is sizes 2, 4, 5, 6.  I used all four hooks and was impressed with all of them.  You can also get the Trokar treble hooks in an Extra Wide Gap version.
            The Trokar Treble hooks are made with the same surgical sharpening technology as the normal Trokar hooks.  You can tell the difference between a Trokar Treble hook and a normal treble hook.  The point is so fine and sharp the difference is eye opening. 
            I used them on lipless crankbaits, crankbaits, floating jerkbaits and suspending jerkbaits.  I was worried the Trokar hooks would affect the suspending jerkbait, however I did not have any issues with it adjusting the action of the lure.
            Over the years I have learned to set the hook with a sweeping motion so I don’t rip the hook out of a bass’ mouth.  The action takes little effort and at times you might not even realize I set the hook.  I was impressed with the fact that I needed even less effort and force to set the hook with the Trokar Treble hooks. 
            With a crankbait that I reeled back to the boat, a bass hit and it they would virtually set the hook on themselves.  This was the troublesome at first because I set the hook as I normally would and ripped the hook out of the fish’s mouth.  After watching it happen more than once I changed my approach.  I had to let the fish set itself.  This feels odd at first but once you get use to it, setting the hook on a crankbait has never been easier.
            The Trokar Treble hooks even set the hook on pike easier as well.  Being that I am a bass fisherman and I dislike those toothy critters, when you set the hook on them sometimes it is hard to get the hook set deep enough into their mouths.  I found that with the Trokar Trebles, a normal hook set goes farther into their mouths and you get a much better hook set.
     The hooks hold up well.  I have heard a lot of people complain that the Trokar hooks lose their sharpness too quickly.  To be honest I had never experienced that with the Trokar hooks.  With the treble hooks being smaller I was worried about it.  I hooked quite a few fish on the same hooks and even got one snagged on a branch.  However, I did not have any issues with the points becoming dull too quickly.
            The Trokar Treble hooks come two to a pack and retail for $6.99.  This makes them one of the most expensive treble hooks on the market.  The benefits outweigh the cost in my mind.  The fact that you can use less effort setting the hook means you can fish longer and hard in a given day.  You can learn more about the Lazer Trokar® Treble hooks at (www.lazertrokar.com).  They are available at retail shops like Bass Pro Shops .  Make sure you add Lazer Trokar® Treble hooks to your line up in 2012 you will be glad you did.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Rig Cylinder Video

I am in love with this product.  You can order at