Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pimp Those Electronics

I have talked about Hydes Hydro Graphics in the past and how they can pimp your bass boat.  Check out the video below and see what they can do for your electronics.  Check them out at

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Bass Fishing Show Coming

There is a new show coming to the Sportsman Channel, Presented by BIOBOR EB!
The FORCE on FORCE features the Army Bass Anglers.  You can see the perview below.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Perfect Way to Troll

I am always in the pursuit of new product and ideas in the bass fishing world that will either improve my fishing or make it easier.  I came across a new product; well, new to me.  It has been around for about four years.  Even though it has been around for that long it is not a main stay on most bass boats.
We have all been on the water in high winds or when the waves are really rolling.  In those conditions it can be a pain to keep our trolling motors on course.  The Troll Perfect will fix this issue.  It is fitted over the shaft of your trolling motor and prevents the torque that sometimes happens.  It will also improve your trolling motors handling by fixing a “sloppy foot pedal”.
The Troll Perfect allows you to run your trolling motor on the continual high speed settings without having to keep your foot on the pedal to stay on course.  Troll Perfect says that it “will allow you to stop fighting the kick back, and side to side torque steer of your trolling motor.”
The best part about the Troll Perfect is that you do not have to modify your trolling motor.  That means you will not void your warranty.  The Troll Perfect installs with one tool (5/16 nut driver).  It fits over the motor shaft swivel bearing and the hose clamps tighten down over it.  They say it takes less than 10 minutes to install.
The design allows for easy adjustment on the water.  If you need more tension to keep the motor on track it is as simple as turning the key a ¼ turn.  This allows you to adjust it as needed.  All you have to do is pull up your trolling motor adjust it a bit and you can get right back to fishing.  The hose clamp comes with an easy to adjust wing nut which means you do not need any special tools while on the water.
It works on Minn Kota, Tracker, Prowler and Motor Guide remote cable steer trolling motors.  There is also an added benefit to the Troll Perfect, it helps to straighten the shaft.  It becomes more ridged which can be a plus, it will be harder to bend and ruin the shaft of your expensive trolling motor.  You will also benefit physically from not fighting with your trolling motor all day. 
The Troll Perfect is made from 100% stainless steel hardware.   The hard plastic piece you install is made of special polymer material.  Troll Perfect claims that because of this it will give you years of service. No special maintenance is needed to care for your Troll Perfect.  They recommend that you clean it from time to time.  It also does not require any lubrication so you do not have to worry about keeping it greased.
 I am excited about the Troll Perfect and cannot wait until this summer when I will be able to use it.  I can think of a dozen times last year when it would have been helpful.  They are reasonably priced at $24.95 and can be ordered from their website  Don’t fight your trolling motor anymore.  Top pros are using it on their boats, guys like Kevin VanDam, Skeet Reese and Gerald Swindle to name a few.  Get one today and stop being thrown around by the waves.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What Changes Will Be Next?

The Alabama Rig has been banned in B.A.S.S. Elite Series competition which includes the Classic.  I believe it was a smart move by B.A.S.S.; the only thing I don’t like is that in doing so they also banned any presentation that uses multiple hooks. 
The Elite anglers can no longer throw double fluke rigs, or a drop shot with a jig on the bottom as the weight.  I understand that by eliminating multiple hook rigs you are making it so you are not just outlawing the Alabama Rig but things like a jig as the weight on a drop shot is just ingenious and I don’t think they should be affected.  It needs to be noted that these changes only affect the Elite Series and Classic not the Opens or Weekend Series.  In the days following B.A.S.S.’s announcement FLW stated that they would still allow it in all competition as long as it was legal in the state they were fishing in.
Since B.A.S.S. made the announcement on Wednesday, the bass fishing world has been a buzz on Twitter, Facebook, bass fishing websites and blogs.  It seems most guys are on board with what B.A.S.S. has done in outlawing it.  There has also been a lot of talk about the Hydro Wave.  I am not sure why this is also coming up now unless it is because Paul Ellis had one on his boat when he won the event with the Alabama Rig and the craze exploded.
It was clear in the FLW show that Ellis was using the Hydro Wave.  Toward the end of the show Ellis wasn’t getting bites and changed the setting on it and then started catching bass again.  I don’t know if it was the Hydro Wave or the Alabama Rig that resulted in Ellis’s win, maybe it was both.  Let’s be honest, Paul had done his homework.  He knew how to fish the A-Rig better than anyone else in the tournament, and he knew where the best spots where.  Do we really know if the Hydro Wave was that big of a factor?  From the episode of FLW we could say yes, when he changed the setting he started catching them again, but do we really know how much editing was done to make it look like it happened that way?  No, we don’t so I don’t think we can base it around that.          
I have to be honest, I am not sure why so many people dislike the Hydro Wave.  I have not been able to use one or see the effect it has on the bass.  It seems to me if you think the Hydro Wave should be banned then perhaps we should do away with modern fish finders?  The market has come a long way since the days of flashers.  I bet twenty years ago they never thought an angler would be able to see clear images of the lake floor a 100 ft to each side of the boat like we can with side imaging. 
I have to ask what is the difference between side imaging and the Hydro Wave?  I don’t think there is, they are both tools we use to fool bass into biting a piece of plastic on the end of our lines.  If this is the route we are going then let’s be honest maybe Laser Lures crankbaits should be banned as well.  What about the Power Pole?  I think if we are saying technology is an issue in bass fishing we may be heading down a road no one will like. 
I understand the money issue.  It is becoming harder and harder to be competitive in the bass fishing world without spending a small fortune.  We see it in lures, rods, reels, boats and electronics.  There is a reason I have not tried a Hydro Wave, the price tag is more than I can afford.  However if we begin to limit what things can and cannot be used what are we saying, I think that can be a slippery slope we may not want to venture to close to the edge of.
That does not mean I do not support B.A.S.S. banning the use of the A-rig.  I have to say I agree with it.  I have done a lot of reading about them; I have played with a few as well.  The thing that keeps coming up is that it tends to tear up bass because you have four hooks that can penetrate it.  I, like most anglers, care about the fish we are out to catch.  I practice catch and release and make sure I cause them as little harm as possible because I want this resource to be around for my children and their children.  Because of this I am torn about whether or not it should be used at all.  I understand that the A-rig has its place and it can be a useful tool.  I just hope that we don’t let this idea of banning things start going overboard especially when there’s people fishing who should be banned and aren’t, you know who they are.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Umbrella rigs Allowed in Elite Series Competition

B.A.S.S. has issued a new rule that affects the Alabama Rig and other techniques that use multiple hooks.  Basically one rod, reel and hook at a time.  It is only in forced in Elite competition and at the Classic.  You can read the official statement from B.A.S.S. below.  One is left to wonder if FLW will follow suit?B.A.S.S. Imposes One-Lure Rule For The Bassmaster Classic And Elite Series

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — B.A.S.S., upon the recommendation of its Bassmaster Elite Series Rules Committee, has amended its tournament rules to limit anglers competing in the Bassmaster Classic and Bassmaster Elite Series to the use of a single lure during practice and competition.

The rule change, which does not apply to Bassmaster Open, B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, College B.A.S.S. and other events, clarifies the intent of long-standing rules permitting only one rod, one reel and one cast at a time. No longer permitted are double soft jerkbait rigs, drop shot rigs with jigs used as weights, double topwater setups and other multi-lure rigs, such as "umbrella rigs."

The change becomes effective Feb. 1 and includes the upcoming Bassmaster Classic at Shreveport-Bossier City, La., Feb. 24-26.

Elite Series Rules Committee members, comprised of 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series qualifiers, seemed most concerned about new multi-lure rigs such as The Alabama Rig, which Bassmaster Elite Series pro Paul Elias used to win an event on Lake Guntersville in October. In the weeks since, tens of thousands of the multi-lure devices have been sold, and they have proved extremely effective in both recreational and competitive fishing.

The Alabama Rig and similar setups from other manufacturers consist of a weighted head with five wire leaders trailing behind. Soft plastic swimbaits and similar lures are attached to the leaders, imitating a school of baitfish.

Rules Committee members believe the rig eliminates some of the skill that should be required in tournament competition at the highest level. "It doesn't matter how you work it," said one of the anglers. "The fish can't help themselves."

"The Alabama Rig has become enormously popular in recent months, and it has definitely had an impact on the tournaments in which it has been used," noted Trip Weldon, B.A.S.S. tournament director. "Personally, I have enjoyed catching bass on umbrella rigs and found them to be very effective in some situations. I have witnessed first-hand the excitement this technique has generated in our sport.

"However, the Elite Series Rules Committee members unanimously asked to be held to a higher standard," he added. "We have decided to honor their recommendation."

The rule change follows a precedence of imposing more stringent restrictions in Elite Series and Classic competition than in other B.A.S.S. events. For example, landing nets are prohibited in the Elites and the Classic but not in other circuits. Additional rules specific to the Elites include off-limits periods, no-information restrictions and new limits on boats that can be used in competition.

B.A.S.S. officials emphasized that the decision should not be construed as disapproval of multi-lure rigs.

"We are as excited as the rest of the country about the new multi-lure rigs," said Bruce Akin, B.A.S.S. CEO. "We will continue to cover new ways to utilize these tools in Bassmaster Magazine and on Our Classic and Elite tournaments simply have a higher standard for the sake of competition. The rest of us will enjoy learning how to catch more fish with these tools."

A Rules Committee member added, "I don't have a problem with the use of umbrella rigs or multi-lure rigs to catch bass. If you are out fun fishing, there may be nothing more fun to use. However, our events represent the highest level of professionalism in our sport and I think as participants of these events, we should be held to a higher standard, as well. I like the idea of one rod, one reel, one lure."

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Way To Store Your Umbrella Rig

Since the Alabama Rig and its counter parts hit the market, thousands have been sold.  I own a few or 10 myself.  The problem I have had and heard about on more than one occasion is how to store your prized rig after use.  They fit nicely in a storage box before you use them, however once they have been bent and used storage becomes a bit more challenging.
The storage box just does not hold your Alabama Rig like it did before you used it.  The wires don’t bend back into place just like they did when you took it out of the package, and I know I am always worried about breaking an arm off if I bend it too much while trying to make it look like it just came out of the package.
There is a new product on the market to help alleviate the frustration related to storing your prized Alabama Rig before and after use.  Chris Craft and Bill Haire from Lake Anna, VA, created the Rig Cylinder which is specifically designed to hold your Alabama Rig.
The Rig Cylinder will work with the Alabama Rig, Venom Pay Me Rig, Toothe Ache Extractor Rig and any other multi armed rig on the market.  They have designed the Rig Cylinder so you can store your Alabama Rig in it with your chosen lures for the day still attached.  The Rig Cylinder is clear so you can even pre-rig your Alabama Rigs for easy viewing of the patterns which allows you to make changes quickly and easily.  They recommend that if you are using baits that are salt impregnated they you do not store them in the Rig Cylinders.  This recommendation is because the salt impregnated baits can rust the hooks on your expensive swimbait jig heads.  They suggest you remove the salt impregnated plastics however you can leave the jig heads on you’re A-Rig.
The Rig Cylinders easily fit into a small tackle bag.  This allows you to save space and keep all your prized Alabama Rigs in one location.  The Rig Cylinders also floats, even when your swim baits are still attached.  This is an added bonus considering that most multi arm rigs run $25 or more for each one.
Currently you can only buy one color Rig Cylinder (red), more colors are planned so you can further organize your Alabama Rigs and make your re-rigging that much simpler.  The Rig Cylinders run $5.99 each or 3 for $15 plus $7.50 for shipping.  You can order them by emailing .  They are in the process of creating a website from which you will be able to order from.     
The Rig Cylinder is a great addition to your storage line up and is reasonably priced.  Knowing that your Alabama Rig can be kept safe and secure even after use makes them a no brainer for any bass angler with a Alabama Rig and its counter parts.     

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just A Bunch Of Copycats Anyway

I have been sitting on this for a while because I was not sure how to write it.  Any hardcore bass angler knows about the Alabama Rig (I mean it was all that was talked about from October thru November).  What most people don’t know is that the creator of the Alabama Rig is talking about taking every company that makes their own version of the lure to court.
Which brings me to main point, WHY?  Well because he has a patent pending on the lure.  I don’t know about you but when I walk through a Bass Pro Shops or surf Tackle Warehouse you see a lot of baits that look the same all across the board.  I mean come on an Omega football head jig is no different then an Atomic tackle Company football head jig.  Ok they are when you get to the skirt, how they are tied on materials used that sort of thing.  But over all they are the same.
It appears that the tackle industry is a game of taking an idea or a product and making their own.  I mean in 2011 Strike King released the KVD Sexy Frog.  Let’s be honest KVD can say they improved upon the hollow belly frog but it just the same lure made by another company that’s gonna do the same thing.  It’s not often a new lure really hits the market.  Well I’m on the subject of frogs, there is one new one out there that’s different from the rest the “Ball Frog” it’s not the same thing repackaged by a different company.         
If we are really honest with ourselves myself included we have dozens of lures and most are not much different from the rest.  I love crankbaits and I like the Strike King line.  However when you compare it to a Bomber it’s not much different.  They are about the same size and shape.  The same idea and pretty much the same thing, just two different companies making them.
I heard a good friend say a few months back that the fishing industry is one that takes and idea and rip’s it off.  It’s just what happens.  I have to say I agree.  I mean look at BPS, and their line of XPS lures.  Yes they are cheaper but they are just knock offs of something already on the market. 
Hear me out I am not saying there is anything wrong with it.  All the big stores do it.  Gander Mountain has their knock offs and so does Cabalas.   My point is if that’s what the tackle industry does why throw a fit when people copy your bait?  Isn’t imitation the best form of flattery?  Yes the Alabama Rig is cool.  So other companies are making them, I have even seen some cool improvements on them as well.   
Which brings me to my biggest point, isn’t the A-rig a knock off in itself?  Think about it the umbrella style rig has been a main stay in the salt water industry for years.  All they did was take the idea and adapt it to bass fishing.  So how can you patient a lure that you copied to begin with?  Please don’t miss understand me I am not trying to put Poss down for wanting all the profits from the A-rig and not wanting to share it.  We live in America a land where it seems it’s every man or women for themselves.
My point is that the tackle industry is a bunch of copy cats that’s all.  Yes some baits like the Chatter bait hit the market and other companies started making them.  When Chatter baits patient came through they were the only ones who could make them after that.  I also believe the sued some companies that did not stop making them.  But let’s look at the lure was it an adaptation on a salt water lure already a main stay in the market I think not.   
Maybe the A-rig will get a patient and be able to stop other companies form making their own version I am not sure.  But I like all of the other versions on the market.  Being in MI I can use all 5 arms I like companies like Atomic Tackle Company who are adapting them to anglers who can’t have five lures.  They make them with 3, 4 and 5 arms.
So because of the tackle industry and all the copycat lures, I am all for other companies making their version of the A-rig.  I mean it happens every day and I don’t think it is going to effect the sales of the A-rig because come on they break just like everything, anglers are going to have to replace them and there is always going to be those who will buy nothing but the original A-rig.  So I hope that the Alabama Rig Company doesn’t take them to court I think it is just part of owning a tackle company.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Jersey Designer From Animal Custom

Animal Custom, the leader in custom jerseys, and on 1/1/12 they updated their website.  If you have not seen it I suggest you do.  They have what they call their design studio.  This is by far the coolest jersey design tool ever.
So what is the design studio?  It allows you to build your jersey and as you do know exactly what it will look like as you do.  This way you are in control of logo placement, color everything.  Animal Customs has hundreds of logos already on hand that you can basically copy and paste onto your jersey.  You can also upload files from your computer and add logos to your jersey that way as well.  If you upload a file you can adjust the colors and background a little, but if you have trouble you can always contact Animal Customs and they will assist you.
The process is easy to do and if you are not computer expert that’s ok.  The design studio is easy to navigate and work with.  You can also save your design, this allows you to come back later and work on it if need be.  I believe this is one of the coolest things in the jersey industry.  I have never liked the idea of not being able to see my jersey when I am designing it with other companies.  Animal Custom has taken that aspect out of the jersey building process. 
Chris McDonald Fishing has a special gift for you.  We have partnered with Animal Custom for 2012.  Because of this we have a special promo code that will give you a discount on your jersey.  So when you go buy your 2012 jersey from Animal Custom use this promo code CMF5 to get your discount.