Friday, January 13, 2012

New Way To Store Your Umbrella Rig

Since the Alabama Rig and its counter parts hit the market, thousands have been sold.  I own a few or 10 myself.  The problem I have had and heard about on more than one occasion is how to store your prized rig after use.  They fit nicely in a storage box before you use them, however once they have been bent and used storage becomes a bit more challenging.
The storage box just does not hold your Alabama Rig like it did before you used it.  The wires don’t bend back into place just like they did when you took it out of the package, and I know I am always worried about breaking an arm off if I bend it too much while trying to make it look like it just came out of the package.
There is a new product on the market to help alleviate the frustration related to storing your prized Alabama Rig before and after use.  Chris Craft and Bill Haire from Lake Anna, VA, created the Rig Cylinder which is specifically designed to hold your Alabama Rig.
The Rig Cylinder will work with the Alabama Rig, Venom Pay Me Rig, Toothe Ache Extractor Rig and any other multi armed rig on the market.  They have designed the Rig Cylinder so you can store your Alabama Rig in it with your chosen lures for the day still attached.  The Rig Cylinder is clear so you can even pre-rig your Alabama Rigs for easy viewing of the patterns which allows you to make changes quickly and easily.  They recommend that if you are using baits that are salt impregnated they you do not store them in the Rig Cylinders.  This recommendation is because the salt impregnated baits can rust the hooks on your expensive swimbait jig heads.  They suggest you remove the salt impregnated plastics however you can leave the jig heads on you’re A-Rig.
The Rig Cylinders easily fit into a small tackle bag.  This allows you to save space and keep all your prized Alabama Rigs in one location.  The Rig Cylinders also floats, even when your swim baits are still attached.  This is an added bonus considering that most multi arm rigs run $25 or more for each one.
Currently you can only buy one color Rig Cylinder (red), more colors are planned so you can further organize your Alabama Rigs and make your re-rigging that much simpler.  The Rig Cylinders run $5.99 each or 3 for $15 plus $7.50 for shipping.  You can order them by emailing .  They are in the process of creating a website from which you will be able to order from.     
The Rig Cylinder is a great addition to your storage line up and is reasonably priced.  Knowing that your Alabama Rig can be kept safe and secure even after use makes them a no brainer for any bass angler with a Alabama Rig and its counter parts.     

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