Friday, December 30, 2011

A Look Back At 2011

2011, what a year for Chris McDonald Fishing.  I started Chris McDonald Fishing last January so we are almost a year old.  It has been an amazing year.  My writing career has grown.  I am writing for Bass Angler Magazine and Midwest Outdoors.  I will be writing for another online magazine in 2012.
I have had the opportunity to talk with some awesome anglers in 2011.  One of my personal favorite pieces I wrote was shortly after the Classic.  I was interviewing Dave Wolak for an article for Bass Angler Magazine when we started talking about the Classic and the Lowrance Radar that was used.   Go back and read it HERE.
I have done a few contest as well this year.  I have had the opportunity to give away some plastics from Teacha Worms and J3’s new DVD.  In 2012 I am planning on having some more giveaway’s.  I am not sure what I will have but I know we will do a few.
I also had the opportunity to use some really cool stuff and review it.  I think the one lure that I am the most excited about was the Death Shimmer Spinnerbait.  I got it from another blogger Tyler Brinks and to be honest thought it would never catch a bass.   Boy was I wrong, that spinnerbait is a fish catching machine. 
2011 brought about a new age in fishing.  The fishing apps for smart phones have been coming out left and right.  I have been excited about them I like the ideas if they will help us be better fishermen.  I am looking to the new apps for 2012. 
I also did some videos which I hope to do more of in 2012.  We saw the hottest lure of the year in the Alabama Rig come to the forefront of the fishing world.  I was able to giveaway Atomic Tackle Company's version.  I also did a video for it as well. 
I can’t wait until 2012 and all the possibilities that lie ahead of us.  Chris McDonald Fishing will be here and will continue to be a resource you will love.  I already have some stuff from Abu Garcia to review in the following year.  I look forward to you joining me next year.   

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 A Year of Possibilities

2012, a year as the media and movies keep reminding may be the last. The world is supposed to end remember…..well come on that’s what the Mayans want us to believe.  I saw a funny little piece in The January B.A.S.S. Masters Magazine that got me thinking.  It was about what happens if the Zombies attack in 2012.
So let’s pretend for just a moment I believe this could and will happen (the world ending and zombies attacking).  Well let’s be honest all us bass fisherman will be fine right?  We can make for the water, assuming we have not joined the cluster of zombies roaming the earth.
Think about it if we stock our bass boats with propane canisters we can use propane grills cook some blue gills and live on our boats.  We just need to be prepared so I think all anglers should run out right NOW, buy those cool little solar battery chargers so our batteries never run out of juice.  You will also want to make sure you have a brand new bass boat, so I suggest you go with a 21ft so you have the most space possible.  Also get sleeping bags and stock the boats with water purifiers so we can drink the water we are on.  Get some ammo and guns…now put those in one rod locker.  You can use the other for a few select rods.  Use every last bit of storage for your propane grill some seasoning everything you will need.  Don’t worry so much about lures just take one small box, I mean come on you want the most room for everything else right.
I think all angler should unite and form a company that makes a tent we can put up that will cover our 21ft bass boats.  We can make it so it fit all the major brands.  We will make it easy and quick to put up and take down.  That way when it rains we can huddle under our tents.  Plus we don’t have to sleep every night under the stars we can be in a tent.
I mean come on if we live on the water 24/7 we should be safe.  Now I am not completely up on my zombie knowledge I mean I have seen some zombie movies but I am pretty sure they can’t swim or walk under water.  So think about it we will be safe, plus we will be doing the thing we love 24/7….fishing.  We could run tournaments non-stop.  Think about it; if there are enough guys out on the water everyone is going to want to have tournaments going.  I just hope you don’t end up on a body of water with KVD cause then you are going lose every time.   Plus we are going to get bored.  I mean no more internet, unless you stock the bass boat with gas and have one of those cool small Honda generators.  Then you can charge all the cool toys like cell phones and laptops. 
This brings up the next point we should set up watch towers near all the boat ramps we are going to be fleeing too.  That way we can pick off zombies.  Why because we need to fuel our boats.  So we all also need to make sure the lakes we will call home are fully stocked with a gas pumps.  So I suggest you get cracking you will need a gas pump and millions of gallons of gas.  So make sure you find the biggest badest holding tanks you can find.  We are all going to be out there a long, long time.
This is all going to cost a lot of money I know.  So what go max out every credit card you have.  Make your preparations be ready for the zombies and the apocalypse.  So what if you go so far in debt you will never get out.  In December it won’t matter anymore we won’t have to pay it back.
So here is the plan stock your bass boats make your preparations because remember it’s not that the guy who made the Mayan calendar got tired, or ran out of room or anything like that.  NO he stopped because he knew that the world would end in December of 2012!
I am ready if the world comes to an end.  Are you ready for the zombie apocalypses of 2012?  Well I say that I’m ready but living in the north I am going to have to make a mad dash to the south so I can live on my boat and not freeze to death during the winter.
 Ok so I don’t believe a single word of what I just said.  To be honest I just think the whole thing is silly.  I hope everyone has a great 2012 and we all catch that big old bass this year……….and guess what Chris McDonald Fishing will still be here in 2013 even if it is powered by a Honda generator from my bass boat.    

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ITO Spinnerbaits

I love spinnerbaits and am always looking for new spinnerbaits.  I recently found a new company ITO Spinnerbait.  I am always looking for what makes a spinnerbait special.  The ITO spinnerbaits have a unique skirt which helps them to stand out among the crowd.  ITO uses a mix of skirt materials in each spinnerbait.  The skirts are made of normal rubber skirt material but they also use a type of Mylar in the skirt.  The Mylar allows the skirt to be much fuller and give it a much different look.  One type of Mylar they put in almost every spinnerbait is Fish-scale Holographic.  This gives the spinnerbait a special look as it is going through the water, it actually looks there are fish-scales falling off of the bait.
Each spinnerbait comes with double blades.  ITO offers both Colorado and Willow blades.  You can get 15 different color blades.  However ITO does not believe the blades makes their spinnerbaits.  They believe that the skirt is what makes their spinnerbaits special.
ITO does not offer hub skirts because with the material that they use the skirts are tied on with thread and glued.  This is because the Mylar is very slippery so it has to be tied and glued on or it will fall off the spinnerbait.
ITO started 1 ½ years ago.  They started out making trolling flies for Salmon and Trout.  However they thought that the material they used would make a great Bass Spinnerbaits.  Around 6 months ago they decided to buy some of the components and make some spinnerbaits.  After 6 months of working with them and have people try them out they took the advice and came up with a bait that works extremely well and is very different then all of the other spinnerbaits on the market.
ITO will do custom work upon request for no extra charge.  Their baits work best on sunny days but they do also work when it is cloudy and when the water is muddy.  ITO can also make some of the colors in Musky size baits upon request.

They currently have 9 different colors for sale on their website.  They are adding more colors daily until they get to around 15 spinnerbaits and 5 buzz-baits.  You can check them out at  Each spinnerbait is reasonably priced at 5.50.  Make sure you check them out.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

J3 DVD Winner IS..........

We have a winner of the “The Reel Deal Bass Fishing with J3” DVD.  I first need to thank John for letting me give a DVD away.  To those who did not win its ok.  Make sure you check it out and pick out your own copy.  So someone is going to get a great surprise today.  And the winner is…….Tony Posey!!!   Congrats, please send me you address. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is Almost Here

Christmas, it conjures up memories of trees and lights, presents and family, fishing and fun.   We hang the stockings and hope for the best.  We look for Santa and all the best gifts.  We want more then we can afford and some not all; spend and spend driving up the bill.
We sing songs about reindeer, trees and Figgie pudding……by the way what the heck is Figgie pudding?  We sing about Christ and the star, Santa and snow………by the way who really dashes through the snow?  We sing about Wise men and gifts, and bass boats and lures……..yeah you heard me right I’ve seen it the last few weeks!
The kids sleep tight and wait for Christmas morning running to the tree to tear open the gifts.  The tree comes down lights get removed.  We throw out the wrapping we spent so long doing with care.  If we are smart we hang on to the tree and make a new home for all the bass we hope to see.
We watch the Christmas shows and movies with care.  We read bass fishing blogs and dream about the big hawgs waiting out there.  We make our wish list hoping for the latest gear.  Lowrance and Skeeter hang in the air.
We dream of the perfect gift under the tree, or maybe that new bass boat with a bow on the street.  We wait and we wait hoping for the best, we rush to the tree and open in a rush.  The waiting ends we see the goods, piles of soft plastics and crankbaits make us blush.
We dream of a day soon when we will get the new baits wet.  We look for spring and the chance to catch that big bass I bet.  The rods and reels we unwrapped are pretty but soon we know they will see the battle.  They will be strained and tested used and abused.  We will bring in that prize that will bring us a check.  Or maybe just some respect.
The summer will pass and fall with draw near soon it will be Christmas and it will all soon appear.  We will run to the store spend the night in the lot.  Hanging with hundreds for the best deal they got.  We will do it all again the tree and the songs.  We hope for the best but will it be there?
Christmas is a time for family and friends.  To remember why we sing and look for that special ring.  A time to reflect on what matters most the fact that a child was born.  The one who will die so we can be saved, and yes maybe someday have the bass boat of our dreams.
MERRY CHRISTmas from Chris McDonald Fishing         

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My First Article on The Bass

Today I had an article I wrote for Midwest Outdoors about the Alabama Rig posted on  I have to give credit to Steve Johnson.  I answered a question he had about the Alabama Rig by sharing the article I had written with him.  He wanted to post it so I let him.  Check it out at

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New MFL Promo

So I have been excited about MLF since it was announced.   They have a new promo out which makes me even more excited.  I found out that they will be doing a web-based pay-per-view broadcast early in 2012.  I think I might have to order it.  Check out the promo for MLF.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Contest for J3's "The Reel Deal Bass Fishing with J3" DVD

Do you want a free J3 DVD? 

Well Chris McDonald Fishing has a free copy of “The Reel Deal Bass Fishing with J3” to give away.  All you have to do is answer the 5 questions below, be a fan of the Chris McDonald Fishing page on Facebook, also you must be a fan of J3’s Facebook page (all answers can be found at 
 Email the answers to with “J3 DVD Contest” in the subject line.  You must have the correct answer to all 5 questions.  All entries with the correct answers will be put into a drawing for the DVD.  Contest ends Friday 12/23/11 at midnight EST, and the winner will be announced Christmas eve 12/24/11 on Chris McDonald Fishing.  Good Luck.
1 What company is the newest partner with J3 fishing?
2 What date and on what body of water is J3’s first event in 2012?
3 How many videos does J3 have on his site?
4 Finish this sentence “The mechanics of fishing should be a variable that…….” (hint look on J3's Tackle Box ).
5 What kind of tow vehicle and boat does j3 have?

Monday, December 19, 2011

J3 DVD Review and Contest To Win A Copy

I had the opportunity to watch a new bass fishing video on the market by J3 or John Hanson III.  “The Reel Deal Bass Fishing with J3” which was released this month.
I watch a lot of bass fishing shows and I have seen a lot of videos as well.  However there is something different about J3’s video.  You get a different look at bass fishing then what you do from the average show or DVD you watch.
The video follows J3 for a day of fishing on the Chesapeake Bay.  You get to see how and why a pro angler breaks down a pattern and tackle also how he refines what he found.
You even see the human side of J3.  You see mistakes like the funniest moment as he launched his boat (I won’t spoil it for you).  Unlike most fishing shows or DVD’s you get to see that even though you hook a bass that doesn’t mean they always make it to the boat.  You see a real look at fishing not the edited versions we see on TV.  Which I think is a refreshing change of pace from what we have been given with bass fishing DVD’s and fishing shows.
This is a great DVD for the beginning angler, the beginner can learn a lot.  Now with that said if you are an experienced angler you can also learn a lot from this video.  I know I learned a few things or was reminded of a few things I should be doing but don’t always do.  Over the years I have had issues with knots (not knowing how to tie) which I have changed and learned to tie the correct knot for a situation.  I thought I had that figured out but after watching the video I learned a new trick I will be using in 2012 and beyond.
J3 talks about things like tackle, rods and reels, structure, electronics, patterns, tidal water, code of ethics, etc.  It deals with what and angler is going through as they spend a day on the water looking for that green monster under the water.  What changes J3 makes and why he makes them.  This is something any angler can learn from.  J3 even explains why not fishing from one spot that produces to another is not a good idea (why kicking on the big motor to move is a good idea).
I would give this video a 9 out of 10 (I would have given it a 10 but come on I can’t do that) ok so maybe even a 10 out of 10.  I really enjoyed it and I will be watching it again and again.  It is 19.99 and can be ordered on J3’s website at:  I would recommend this video to anyone who is looking to improve their fishing.  By the way the song written for the DVD by Kris Fishin'ForJesus Johnson (Kris Johnson) is also catchy.  I am not a rap fan but that song has been stuck in my head since I watched the DVD.  Make sure you pick up your copy today.
Do you want a free J3 DVD?  Well Chris McDonald Fishing has a free copy of “The Reel Deal Bass Fishing with J3” to give away.  All you have to do is answer the 5 questions below, be a fan of the Chris McDonald Fishing page on Facebook, also you must be a fan of J3’s Facebook page (all answers can be found at 
 Email the answers to with “J3 DVD Contest” in the subject line.  You must have the correct answer to all 5 questions.  All entries with the correct answers will be put into a drawing for the DVD.  Contest ends Friday 12/23/11 at midnight EST, and the winner will be announced Christmas eve 12/24/11 on Chris McDonald Fishing.  Good Luck.
1 What company is the newest partner with J3 fishing?
2 What date and on what body of water is J3’s first event in 2012?
3 How many videos does J3 have on his site?
4 Finish this sentence “The mechanics of fishing should be a variable that…….” (hint look in the blog).
5 What kind of tow vehicle and boat does j3 have?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Something KVD CAN'T DO!!!

I ran across this video today, and finally we have proof that KVD can’t do something.  He can win AOY's Classics and of course tournaments.  Make sure you check this video out and those guitars rock.  You can check out Woodshop Rocks online.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hydes Hydro Graphics Can Pimp Your Bass Boat

I wrote a blog called “Pimp My Bass Boat”.  After I wrote the blog I had the pleasure of talking with Kevin Hyde who was responsible for putting all those extras on Scott Ashmore’s   bass boat that I featured in the post.

Kevin started his own company “Hydes Hydro graphics and Customs”.  You can check out their website at “www.”. Unless you have read the post; you might be asking what do they do?  They pimp your bass boat, they can paint your Lowrance trim to match your bass boat.  They can also customize any part of your boat that can be unbolted and sent to them.

A Lowrance trim or bezel can run you anywhere from $30 to $75 plus shipping to them and back to you.  Or you can buy one of the ones they already have in stock which is $55 to $105, if adding hydrographics call or email for price some patterns differ.  Sadly for the time being if you own a Humminbird and want to do this you cant.  It will void the warranty I was told that Humminbird is rethinking their units so maybe in the future you will be able to.

“A person can get as custom as they are willing to go, with adding the dipping too my parts I am able to personalize the parts to the person even more.  Some color matching is harder than others some flakes to paint are almost imposable but can get close enough to make the parts look good.”

Hydes Hydro Graphics and Customs can powder coated or dip almost anything.  Things like jack plates, Power poles , Power pole brackets, light poles, cleats, steering wheel, dash panels, bow panels, ram mounts, clam shells, reels so they match your boat, trolling motors and brackets, engine hoods And on  and on. 

You can have a truly custom boat from Hydes Hydro Graphics and Customs.  All the detail parts on your bass boat can be one of a kind pieces of art that really make your boat stand out from the crowd.  They can work on any type of bass boat. 

Hydes Hydro Graphics and Customs is located in Lakeview Arkansas.  You can find them on the web at  You can also contact them by email find them on Facebook,
or call:(870)-421-4054.  Make sure you tell them Chris McDonald Fishing sent you because if you do you will get a 10% discount.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mac Attack Swimbait jig head

With the Alabama Rig taking the fishing world by storm another lure became just as important.  The swimbait jig head.  You need a hook to catch those bass on an umbrella rig.
Atomic Tackle Company has you covered.  The Mac Attack swimbait jig head is one of the new baits Atomic Tackle Company has released in the last month.  It pairs perfectly with the Agitator (ATC umbrella rig).
The Mac Attack comes in ¼, 5/8, 3/8 , ½, 3/4, 1, 11/2oz.  The ones I have been using have a 4/0 hook in them and they work great, you can get diffrent size hooks ask about it when you place your order.  The Mac Attack swimbait hooks allow you to fish the entire water column.  The nice thing about them is you don’t need to fish them on an umbrella rig for them to work.  
If you are looking for a good swimbait jig head I suggest the Mac Attack.  They work great on hollow belly swimbaits along with flukes.  The keeper with just a dab of super glue keeps those baits right where you need them even when a bass crushes it.  So make sure you pick some up today at Atomic Tackle Company.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Cookie

A cookie; seems like a simple thing you can buy them at the story already made.  You can get pre made cookie dough and make them yourself.  Or you can get all the ingredients and make your own from scratch.  Then there is all the different kinds chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar the list goes on and on.
What makes a cookie special?  Could be the person that made it, my grandma said hers were made with love.  Maybe they are special if you have to pay for it.  I don’t know what makes a cookie special.
Maybe there isn’t  a special cookie.  Well maybe I shouldn’t say that.  I mean if you ask KVD a cookie can be special.  I mean his wife makes him special cookies before the classic and boom he wins.  She does it again and boom he wins again.  I don’t know about you but if I was gonna be in the classic I think I would find the stash and eat them.  I mean maybe its in the milk she uses I don’t know.  If it’s in the milk someone needs to steel the cow.
Last year there was a video with KVD doing a bake sale.  He was selling the special cookies, I think everyone got hosed cause if I remember right and I am sure I do King Kong won again.  Huh…….maybe the cookies only work on KVD, maybe the super human power he possess is unlocked with the cookie.
So I have to ask is paying $1000 for a KVD cookie a violation of B.A.S.S. rules?  I mean it’s no kicker bass but I mean come on if they are fueling KVD to all his wins at the Classic B.A.S.S. might want to look into the next bake sale.
Maybe the marshal in KVD’s boat at the Classic should steel them give the rest of the field a fighting chance.  I mean if he did maybe the marshal could eat them and gain the super bass fishing skill of KVD himself.   
So what would you do or pay for the cookie?  Well now you can own one of these cookies.  Tackle The Storm Foundation is selling a KVD cookie on Ebay.  So what are you willing to pay for the most important cookie in the bass fishing world?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

HDS Gen 2

Lowrance is at it again with their new HDS  Gen. 2 units.  I just saw a video about them and I think it is awesome.  The new feature tracks your side view on the contour map.  It looks awesome.  You can follow a contour line and see what your side imaging is picking up on the same part of the screen.  The over lay looks awesome and I have to say I want one.  Check out the video here which shows it in action. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Funny fishing Video

Ok so I found this video on Facebook, I dont know where it came from but man it is funny make sure you check this out.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Animal Custom new partner for 2012

Chris McDonald Fishing is always looking to work with the best companies in the fishing industry.  That is why we are working with Animal Customs.  They make the best jerseys on the market not just for fishing but for all your jersey needs.  The 2012 tournament jersey I will be wearing will be from Animal Custom.
So what makes Animal Customs stand out above the rest you may be asking?  They have been in business since 1998 and because of that they have more experience in the jersey business than any other jersey company out there.  This allows Animal Custom to be less expensive and even faster (which when you are in a pinch is always a good thing) than the other companies out there.
You have 100% control of your jersey if you want.  That translates into colors, logos, design, patterns anything you can think of.  This is a plus for any tournament angler looking to stand out from the crowd and not just have the same jersey as other anglers on the water.  
Animal Custom offers four different levels of jersey’s each suited to fit a particular sport or activity.  As an angler you want to go with a level 3 jersey.  You can get either a polo collar, zippered or one with a button.  The level 3 jerseys runs 79.95, however there is no charge for long or short sleeves.  There is also no limit on logos so like other companies you will not be limited on how many sponsors you can put on your jersey without being charged more.  The jerseys also will not fade or shrink and they come with a life time warranty.   Animal Custom’s turnaround time is 2 to 4 weeks depending on how busy they are.
If you are looking for a tournament jersey for 2012 you need to consider Animal Custom for your next jersey.  Why wouldn’t you want to go with a company that has been around for 14 years and that “prides themselves on customer service”.  So when you order your new 2012 tournament jersey tell them Chris McDonald Fishing sent you.
In the next few weeks Animal Custom will have a new website as well.  There will be an online jersey designer on their new site.  This way you will be able to see what your jersey looks like before you buy it.  When the new site is up Chris McDonald Fishing will have a promo code you can use to get a discount on your 2012 jersey.