Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winterizing Your Electronics

I just found this from Lowrance.  Being in MI and the fact that I still need to winterize my boat because we have had such good weather this is help for information.  I hope it helps you out.

Tech Tips for Wintering Your Lowrance products:
1) Disconnect the battery by either removing the positive terminal or by turning the battery switch to the "Off" position.
2) In colder climates it is recommended to remove the unit and store it inside the house if possible. Make sure it is completely dry before storing in any type of case.
3) For units that cannot be removed from the boat, use the sun covers to protect the screens from sun damage or scratches.
4) Clean the screen before storage. A good homemade screen cleaner is 50% distilled water mixed with 50% White distilled vinegar.
5) Clean any algae or grime build up from transducers to maintain optimal performance.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Tournament Trail in 2012: Front Deck Xtreme Bass Challenge

If you are a competitive bass angler most likely you have dreamed of winning big and having a pay day like the pros.  Now you can have that chance.  Front Deck Entertainment Inc. is giving the average angler that chance.  They are starting a new team tournament trail, “Front Deck Xtreme Bass Challenge” were teams could win $25,000 and one on one tournament anglers could cash in a $50,000 pay check.
The idea behind Front Deck Xtreme Bass Challenge tournament trail is to help get those who want to be involved in bigger tournaments a shot at what it is like to fish in these situations.  There are four team tournaments planned for 2012.  The first event “The Alabama Challenge” will be held on Lake Guntersville May 19-20.
The events have a $500 entry fee with an optional $30 big bass pot.  Each event will be a two day tournament.  All the teams will fish the first day, and the top 75 teams fishing the second day.  The top 2 day weight will be the winner.  With a full 150 team field the winners will win $25,000.  The top 30 teams will also be in the money.
There is a maximum of 300 boats allowed for the team tournaments.  Pay outs will increase or decrees based on the number of boats.  The base line for the payout of $25,000 is based on 150 boats.  The payouts and prize money will be adjusted based on the total number of boats in the field.
The events are open to both men and women and those over fourteen can fish the tournament with parental consent.  Like most tournaments there is a mandatory meeting the night before the tournament, failure to be at the meeting will be a disqualification from the tournament.
Front Deck Entertainment Inc. is working on bonus bucks with companies so you can put some extra money in your pockets based on what kind of boat or truck you are running.  There may be other qualifications that you can also cash other checks based on.   This would be like the Toyota Bonus Bucks offered in other trails.
Front Deck Entertainment is also looking to start a single person tournament trail known as “The Front Deck Series”.  This would be a two day event as well.  The tournament fee would be $1000 and with enough boats the winner could win $50,000.  Front Deck Entertainment is looking for feedback from anglers.  If you are interested in fishing “The Front Deck Series” you should contact Front Deck Entertainment.  You can contact them at (
When “The Front Deck Series” starts there are plans to have an AOY and a championship for that series.   As of now there will be no championship for the team tournaments or AOY.    
Entry fees may be higher than what you are used to in club events.  However when you look at other events like FLW and BASS Opens entry fees are right on par. 
If you are looking to fish in a tournament with a big time feel and a more affordable entry fee you should consider Front Deck Xtreme Bass and their new tournament trail.  You can learn more about the tournaments from Front Deck Entertainment Inc. at their tournament website

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pimp My Bass Boat

Scott Ashmore's Bass Boat
Over the last few years I have seen a continuing trend in bass fishing and bass boats.  The phrase “it’s all in the details” seems to ring in my head as I think about the trend.  Maybe you have seen it too?  What am I talking about, has to be what you are thinking right now.
I am talking about color matching sonar units, trim pieces on trolling motors and even Power Poles matching the color of the bass boats they are on.  I saw a picture of Scott Ashmore’s new boat.  The green machine has a matching green cover plate on his HDS unit along with a green trim piece on the trolling motor.
The saying “It’s all in the details” really does apply.  Legend went the extra mile with Ashmore’s boat.  I remember the first time I saw this kind of detail was with Skeet Reese’s bass boat.
Bass boats seem to be “Being Pimped” more and more.  We keep adding more and more details and gadgets to them.  Now don’t get me wrong I love the pimped out boats, I love the attention to detail.  I think Ashmore’s boat looks amazing and the details really make it pop.  I wonder though where does it stop?  You can even add custom rims to your trailer.
I get it standing out is important, I notice a 21 ft rig being pulled down the highway.  Maybe it’s just me because I am always noticing a rig as it rolls by.  But when you see a rig that has been “Pimped” for a lack of better word it sticks in your mind. 
Maybe we need to have a show on the Outdoors Channel called “Pimp My Bass Boat”.  I mean we have had “Pimp My Ride” on MTV and “Pimp My Truck” on CMT why not “Pimp My Bass Boat”?  If someone steals my idea and makes a show remember I said it first.
Even though the customized bass boats look awesome let’s remember it’s not all about show.  We could all have the coolest and sharpest looking bass boat out there but if we have no clue how to put bass in the boat what good does all the extras do us?
I can only wonder what will be next.  When will we see trailers with ground affects lighting the ground under them as we travel.  I can say I hope we don’t get to the point at which we lower our trailers to the ground even more and make them look like the low riders out there, and please, please don’t put Hydraulics or air bags on your trailer so it can bounce.   
Now like I said I really do like the attention to details.  Scott Ashmore’s boat looks awesome and it will stick with me.  So if you are going to buy a new boat from the factory ask them if they will pimp your rig?  Just don’t forget it’s only for show you still have to put those pigs in the boat and make the cut to get that paycheck.     

Friday, November 18, 2011

New eBook: Fall Season Confidence Part 2 – The Heart of Fall

John Mark Warren has done it again.  The author of “Fishing With Confidence” has released a new eBook called “Fall Season Confidence Part 2 – The Heart of Fallit is part of an eBook series.  I did a review on one of his other eBooks “Fall Season Confidence Part 1- Early Fall” and “Jig Confidence, Confidence To Master An Essential Bass Fishing Lure”  The new book deals with the second part of fall fishing.
The book is a quick read and packed with lots of use full information.  John deals with fall turnover and what it is and what it may look like.  This book deals with the bass in the 65 to 45 degree water. 
John also takes a look at some of the questions weekend anglers have like why do the magazines we read have conflicting info about the same topic.  He also looks at the bass itself and how research has shown how the bass might act.
I found a lot of useful information in the book.  I said it in my review of part 1 I love fall fishing and I thought I understood it and had a good handle on fishing during this time, but after reading the book I have more confidence and a better understanding of bass fishing during this time.
Fall Season Confidence Part 2 – Early Fall is reasonably priced you can by the eBook for 5 dollars.  The investment is definitely worth it.  You can pick up Fall Season Confidence Part 1 – Early Fall on the “Fishing With Confidence” website.  Spend the 5 dollars and help your fall fishing today, you will be glad you did.   

Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 Low Priced Reels From Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia has released 3 new or should I say improved reels under $100.  They have released the Pro Max, Silver Max and Black Max.  All three reels are 8 oz or less. 

Black Max Specs,
4 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation
Machined double anodized aluminum spool provides strength without adding excess weight
Power Disk™ drag system gives smooth drag performance
Duragear™ brass gear for extended gear life
MagTrax™ brake system gives consistent brake pressure throughout the cast
Recessed reel foot plus a compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design
Lightweight one piece graphite frame and graphite side plates
It weighs 7.9 oz.

Silver Max Specs,
 5 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation
Machined aluminum spool provides strength without adding excess weight
Power Disk™ drag system gives smooth drag performance
Duragear™ brass gear for extended gear life
MagTrax™ brake system gives consistent brake pressure throughout the cast
The recessed reel seat along with compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design
Lightweight one piece graphite frame and graphite sideplates
Flipping switch included
It weighs 7.9 oz.

Pro Max Specs,
7 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation
Machined double anodized aluminum spool provides strength without adding excess weight
Power Disk™ drag system gives smooth drag performance
Duragear™ brass gear for extended gear life
MagTrax™ brake system gives consistent brake pressure throughout the cast
Recessed reel foot plus a compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design
Lightweight one piece graphite frame and graphite sideplates
It weighs 7.9 oz.

It’s nice to see with all of the super light reels hitting the market at a premium price that Abu Garcia is putting some cheaper lighter reels on the market.  You can order them at the Abu Garcia website.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Agitator: Umbrella Rig Video

I told you a few weeks ago about the Agitator from Atomic Tackle Company.  I recently spent some time on the water with it and have a new video.  Make sure you check it out below.  You can get the Agitator at

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Rig: Umbrella Rig From North Carolina

I have been talking a lot about the Alabama Rig and other umbrella rigs that are coming out since it made the big time.  I ran across another Umbrella rig to hit the market named “The Rig”. 
“The Rig” is like the Alabama Rig in that you can rig 5 lures to the back of it.  The head shape is different.  It is shaped more like a jig head.  Much like the “Agitator” form Atomic Tackle Company.  These two rigs however are different from one another.  “The Rig” looks like a bullet weight with your line tie on the front, more like the Alabama Rig.  The “Agitator” looks more like a swim jig.  “The Rig” uses a lead head to create the base of the lure.
The Rig comes in two sizes 7/16 and 9/16 Oz’s.  The Alabama rig 3/8 Oz so “The Rig” is about the same.  However with “The Rig” you have other size options than the one size you get with the Alabama Rig.     
from Ken Golub's Facebook page
Each of the two sizes of “The Rig” has 5 15 gage wire arms and swivels to attach your lures.  Ken Golub is a BASS and FLW pro who has been using “The Rig” and has caught 5 smallmouth bass at once on it.   I have also been told that multiple stripers have been caught on “The Rig”.
“The Rig” cost $17.95 and you can find them on and You can also find them in some tackle stores in NC.  There is also a Facebook page for “The Rig”.  You can also find them on EBay as well.
If you are looking for an Umbrella rig you might want to check out “The Rig”.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Snip Cutting Tool Review

I have been using a new tool for the last month from the Boomerang Tool Company called “The Snip”.  It is a line cutting tool; I stumbled upon it one day and thought it was a great looking tool worth a try.
It works just like a pair of scissors, however it is smaller and more portable then a normal pair of scissors.  The one I used had a small LED light on it so you can see what you are doing in the dark.  You can buy it with or without the LED light.  The LED light can be turned on and off by pushing a button at the front of the Snip.  It works well and made cutting line at dust easier.
The Snip has a retractable cord with a ring on it.  It is at the bottom of the tool so you can attach it to you pants or coat.  When you need the tool you can pull it from where it rest and do you work.  When you let go it recoils back to its spot.  It’s a nifty little addition to the Snip.  I have to saw I never used it though, other than to try it out.  The Snip found a place on the deck of my boat and when I needed it I would grab it.
To use the scissor feature of the Snip you have to press two pieces together on the side of the Snip.  It’s easy to use with little effort.  I was impressed with how well it cut through all kinds of line.  It cuts mono, fluorocarbon and braid with ease.  The info on the Snip says it cuts line up to 50 lb.  I cut 65 lb braid with no issue.  I was really happy with the clean cut it made on the braid.  You tend to get lots of fraying with braid however that was not the case with the Snip.     
Over all I think the Snip is a great product.  It has defiantly replaced the scissors I carry on my boat.  It is not terribly priced The Snip with the LED light cost $14.95.  If you want to model without the LED light you can pick that one up for $11.95.  The only place I have found them to buy is on the Boomerang Tool website.
This is a great addition to your boat.  I would suggest you pick one up for your next fishing trip.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Video On Making Your Own Umbrella Rig

I found this video from Johnny Lancaster.  It shows you how to make your own Umbrella rig like the Alabama Rig.  Johnny shows you step by step what you need to make it.  He also gives you some tips on fishing it as well.  Its worth checking out if you want to make your own.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Umbrella Rig like the Alabama Rig and A Contest to WIN ONE

Atomic Tackle Company has the best jigs on the market.  Now they have a version of the latest lure crazy on the market.  That’s right you can buy an umbrella rig from Atomic Tackle Company.
The difference between the Atomic Tackle Company rig and the Alabama Rig is that the Atomic Tackle Company one is made from a jig.  You can get the Atomic Tackle Company one is four different sizes. 3/8, 1/2, ¾ and 1 once sizes.
That’s not the only difference between the two of them.  You can also order them with as many arms as you like 2, 3, 4 or 5.  So if you live in a state where you cannot have 5 exposed hooks you can have one with as many as you are allowed without having extra wires hanging off your lure.
The Atomic Tackle Company umbrella rig is also cheaper than the others.  It cost $20 plus shipping.  Which is $4.99 cheaper and in stock where others are not.  You can order by calling Atomic Tackle Company at 763-286-6606 or emailing them at
As you may have noticed I have been calling it the Atomic Tackle Company rig or umbrella rig.  Starting today we are running a contest to name the rig for Atomic Tackle Company.  The winner gets a free rig.  The contest will end on Monday 11/7/11 at 12pm eastern time.  There are also a few rules. 
1)      You must be a fan of the Chris McDonald Fishing page on Facebook.
2)      You must be a fan of the Atomic Tackle Company page on Facebook.
3)      All entries for the contest must be posted on the Chris McDonald Fishing page.
You may submit more than one name.  So get to thinking about what it should be called and make sure you get them on the Chris McDonald page and also like the Atomic Tackle Company page.  Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Contest Starting Tomorrow

Chris McDonald Fishing is going to be running a contest starting tomorrow.  There will be a few rules so I thought I would lay them out now, so you could be ready for the contest tomorrow. 
1 you must be a fan on the Chris McDonald Fishing Facebook page.  Make sure you hit the “Like” button on the page.
2 you must also be a fan of the Atomic Tackle Company Facebook page.  Make sure you hit the “Like” button on the page.
Click on the names of the pages above and it will take you to the pages.  Also make sure you tell your friends about the contest.  I can’t wait to tell you about it tomorrow.

Video with Pro's Talking about the Alabama Rig

I found this video about the Alabama Rig from  I have to say I thought I would hear alot more anglers saying it was crap or just a seasonal bait.  I think Arron Martins comments were the best.  check out the video.