Monday, October 31, 2011

Sworming Hornet Lure's has an Umbrella Rig

With the resent buzz over the Alabama Rig there have been countless articles from B.A.S.S., FLW and bloggers like me.  Topics have been covered like is it even legal in your state?  B.A.S.S. did a great article about it HERE.
The Last I had heard the Alabama Rig is on back order and you can expect a 3 month wait.  I have seen a lot of homemade rigs like the Alabama Rig as of late as well.  Some of those that have the rig are even selling them on Craigslist and Ebay.  I saw one that sold for over 3 times what you would pay.
With all of that said I did find out that Sworming Hornet Lure's has an umbrella rig that is just like the Alabama Rig.  They are not on the website but you can call and order them.  I have not heard that those are back ordered yet.  To order you can call 1-(770)-242-1489.  They cost around $25 just like the Alabama Rig.
If you are on this umbrella rig band wagon or just want a few of these rigs make sure you check out Sworming Hornet Lure’s or Ebay and Craigslist.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

TTBC Winner is Keith Combs

from TTBC website
The Texas Toyota Bass Classic came to a dramatic conclusion today when Keith Combs went wire to wire and won the event.  The best story has to be the fact that in order for Combs to win he had to win a fish off with Mike Iaconelli.
Combs was the first angler to catch a 14” legal bass and there for win the tournament.  Keith Combs was the angler who caught the first bass and declared the winner.  With that said I think the fact that it comes down to one fish is a shame.
I think that Ike and Combs should have had to fish another 8 hours tomorrow and then best weight wins the championship.  It just seems both anglers worked too hard to be tied for 1st and 2nd for it to be decided on one fish like that. 
So what do the rest of you think about how the winner was decided?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Berkley Nanofil Fishing Line

I had the chance to use the Berkley Nanofil fishing line.  I got a free 8lb spool from Berkley and took it out to test.  The Nanofil is not a mono line or a braided line.  Berkley says it is the new generation of fishing line.
When I first saw the Nanofil it made me think of the Berkley Fireline.  I have been using the Fireline for over ten years and I was excited about the Nanofil as well.  One of the things I found cool was the packaging the back tells you what size spinning reel you should be using for each size line.
The 8lb test line is very small in diameter.  It looks as small as some of the 2 and 4 lb test line on the market.  Even with this small of diameter the line comes off of the spool without effort.  The sensitivity of the line is amazing.  I felt the slightest of taps on the end of the line.
Berkley says that the Nanofil has zero memory.  After using it for 2 weeks and making a lot of cast with it I would have to agree.  I never saw any of the effects of memory in the line even after being on the same spool for weeks.
I have to say I never had an issue with the Nanofil.  I have never had luck putting line on a spinning reel without it messing up on me, until I used the Nanofil.  It went on the spool with ease and as I casted it the line came off with ease.
An 8lb spool of 150 yards runs $19.99 at Bass Pro Shops.  Because I have been using the Fireline for years the price does not bother me.  I have switched the two spinning reels over that I use the Fireline on for the Nanofil.
Over all the Nanofil is a great product and I think it is well worth the money.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Death Shimmer Spinnerbaits

I have been throwing the Death Shimmer spinnerbait I received to test.  I was using a ½ oz version.  The first thing I thought when I saw the lure was how is this going to work.  It has a bent arm and is not your conventional spinnerbait.
I am glad I did not let the looks of the spinnerbait drive my conclusions about it.  I paired the Death Shimmer spinnerbait with a Skeet Reese spinnerbait rod and Skeet Reese Victory reel.  I used 12 lb Vicious mono line.
The first thing I noticed after making a cast was the vibration the lure put off on its way back to the boat.  It felt like the vibration you feel from chatter bait.  The unconventional arm on the spinnerbait really helps put off more vibration as the bait comes through the water.
The model I used had a Colorado blade on it for even more vibration.  The unique are of the Death Shimmer also causes drag and even more vibration.  I fished the Death Shimmer in about 4 feet of water during fall.  The spinnerbait shinned because the bass were keying on vibration over flash, which the Death Shimmer had plenty of.
The only issue I had with the Death Shimmer is it hangs up more in the grass then a normal safety pin spinnerbait.  Even when it does get hung up it does pull out of the grass easily.  The hook is sharp and you get good hook ups.
With the unique arm and the fact that it also causes drag the bait still gives off lots of vibration as it is slow rolled or even burned back to the boat.  They run about $8.50 each and after using one I think it is worth the money. 
The Death Shimmer is a new breed of spinnerbaits, and it has all the vibration in a spinnerbait you could want.  Make sure you check them out and I would suggest you get some for fall.  Check them out at     

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back with Aomic Tackle Company for 2012

I have been working with Atomic Tackle Company for the last year and I believe they make some of the best jigs on the market.  I have caught countless bass on these jigs and pike as well.

Their football jigs are awesome.  I have worked many rocky banks and points with their football jigs.  They come over the rocks well and man do they catch bass.

It was not until this year that I really started using the Atomic Tackle Company swim jig.  I have used a lot of different trailers with the swim jig.  Let me tell you I have caught some nice bass on this jig.  It swims through weeds with ease and only get hung up in the thickest weeds.

By far one of my favorite lures from Atomic Tackle Company is the Ball and Chain.  I love the action the trailer gets with this lure.  I have caught some of the biggest bass of my life on this lure.  I pair it with a Berkley HAVOC Pit Boss

The Punch Bomb is my go to bait for heavy cover and mats.  I love the way it penetrates the mats and falls to the bottom.  It is deadly bait that I have put bass in the boat with this summer.
I love the Atomic Tackle Company shaky head as well.  The screw keeper on the head of the jig helps keep it in place.  When you need a good hook set the hook on the shaky head does the job.
These are my favorite lures from Atomic Tackle Company.  Like I said they make the best jigs on the market.  I hope you will check them out and make sure you get some of these great jigs.  Tell them Chris sent you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More on the Alabama Rig

The Alabama Rig has hit the main stream market with 5 bass hooked at once.  What better way than with Elias winning an FLW event and breaking 100 lbs.  The Alabama Rig is on back orders and I have heard that the waiting list is over 2 months.
With that said it seems that there is also a lot of backlash from the Alabama rig.  I have seen numerous pictures of rigs like it being made by other anglers.  In some states the rig is illegal.  In my home state of MI you can only have 3 lures on one line.
In Tennessee they just changed the law on the books that will allow anglers to somewhat use the Alabama Rig.  They can now use 3 baits on the rig.  They did this because of anglers on Kentucky Lake wanting to use this rig during the Everstart championship event coming up and the BFL event next month.
The law was read like this before it was changed: “Umbrella Rig Restriction – Umbrella rigs are defined as an array of more than 3 artificial lures or  baits (with or without hooks) used by a single rod and reel combination.  If the hook size is 6 or larger, then only one lure or bait may have a hook and that hook must be a single hook.”
So what are your thoughts on this?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Janet Parker Does Not Make the Cut

I have been on the Janet Parker band wagon for a while now….well the last few months.  I was really hoping she would finish in the top 5 and be the first women to be invited into the B.A.S.S. Master Elites. 

All Janet had to do is finish 50th or better in the last Central Open event to make it.  Janet Parker had a two bad days, and she finished 100th on Table Rock Lake.  She weighed in only 2.5 lb for the event.  Do to finishing in 100th place she finished 20th overall in the Central Opens.

This was said this on the Bassmaster website “I fished as hard as I could, tried the best that I could,” said Parker, who had entered the tournament in second place in points. “I used everything in my bag of tricks. I’m disappointed in the outcome, but I’m not disappointed in myself because I gave it my best shot.”
She wasn’t ready to declare she’d try again for an Elite berth.
“I think I’d better wait until I’ve ‘hibernated’ for a week to make that decision,” she said, referring to her habit of taking it easy for a few days after a grueling tournament schedule. “And I’ll wait and see what happens.”

I was hoping to see Janet on the Elite Series next year and I hope she does make a run at it next season.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Part 2 Crankbait Fall Fishing

I did a blog the other day about the lures I like to use during fall.  I told you about how I like to use a jerkbait, fluke, crankbait, jig and spinnerbait.  Now I want to talk about each of baits and go a little more in depth about each one.  I will do a 5 part series on the 5 baits mentioned above.  This is part 2 of my 5 part series.  In part 1 I talked about spinnerbaits read part 1 here.

Strike King Series 3
In part 2 I am going to talk about my all-time favorite lure the crankbait.  I told you that I like to use Strike King Crankbaits.  I love their line of crankbaits.  I think they are some of the best on the market.  They are defiantly the best line on the market for the price.

I want to start with what I use.  Strike King has a line of crankbaits that dive from less than a foot to over 16ft.  During fall I carry a wide variety of crankbaits the dive to various depths.  However I use the Series 3 crankbait the most.  It dives to 8ft and works great for the area I fish the most with them.

I use only a few colors of crankbaits.  The one I use the most is the sexy shad color.  I use it on cloudy and sunny days during fall.  When that color is not working I will switch over to a fire tiger color.  The fire tiger color works well in MI because of all the perch we have.  I have also started using a chartreuse and black back colored crankbait as well in the darker water I have been fishing.

I use a Skeet Reese crankbait rod for my crankbait fishing.  It is a 7ft medium fast rod.  It allows you to side sweep your rod and set the hook without ripping the bass’s mouth.  I have a few different crankbait rods rigged on the deck of my boat with different depth crankbaits.  I use a Quantum KVD reel.  It is a 6:3.1 gear ratio I also had the bearings upgraded which allows me to make longer cast.

I use 12 lb fluorocarbon line.  I use the fluorocarbon line because it helps get the crankbait down into the strike zone faster because it sinks.  It is also somewhat abrasion resistant not as much as braid.  If I am fishing deeper than about 12ft I will switch over to 15 lb fluorocarbon.

When I am fishing in the fall with a crankbait I will look for a few certain areas.  I look for rocky banks or points.  I do a lot of fall fishing on a river system and there are lots of rocky banks and points.  These spots seem to hold lots of smallmouth.  Because I know the areas I know what crankbait I will use.  If I find a new spot I will idle over it and look at the depth of the area I am going to fish.  I want to know the depth so I can decide what crankbait I need.
 I chose the crankbait by looking at the depth if it is say 8ft I will get a crankbait out that goes a foot or 2 deeper than the area I am fishing.  I want the crankbait to make contact with the bottom and any structure that may be down there.

When I am fishing the river and I am dealing with current I tend to go away from the norm and fish a little different.  If I am fishing a bank and I know where it drops off and levels out I will start just inside that zone.  I will go up river and float down with my trolling motor and the current.  I will cast downstream and reel in against the current.  I do this because I have better control of the crankbait and can make the most contact with the bottom.  Most articles you read will tell you to let the current carry your bait because it will look more natural however I am not going for natural instead I am going for power.    

After I make my pass I will run the boat back up river and move about 10ft closer to the shore and work the bank just like I did the first time.  That way I am working the whole area.  If I get to the end again and I can move closer to the bank and make another pass I will make another pass.

I work a rocky point different then I do a bank.  I will pull up to the point.  I stay 10 to 20 yards back from the end of it.  I will work the downside of the point if there is current.  Casting toward the bank of the point I will crank my bait back to the boat making as much contact as I can.

I also will fish a square bill crankbait around trees in the mouths of creek channels and coves.  When I am fishing like this I will use a Strike King KVD 1.5.  This is my back up plan if the points and banks don’t produce.  If you see lots of shad near the surface when you pull up to an area you most likely will find bass.

I have mentioned that when using the crankbait I am trying to make as much contact with the rocks and I can.  Most of the time you will get a strike as your crankbait deflects off a rock.  When you do get a bite don’t set the hook to hard.  It can pull the hooks right through the bass’s soft mouth and you can lose a bass.  I use a gentle sweep set and hook up 90% of the time without issue.  If you work laydowns with a square bill crankbait make sure you are also making contact with the stump or laydown.  As it also deflects most of the time the strike will come then.

I also use some other crankbaits during the fall as well.  When the time calls for it a lipless crankbait works well.  I like the Strike King Red Eye Shad.  I also like the XCalibur Hi-Tek X100 lipless baits because they have a little different shape.  I use the Strike King line of baits but I also like the Bomber crankbaits as well.  I don’t think they get down as quick as the Strike King crankbaits do.  However I have found that a times the bomber baits work.

So this fall don’t overlook rocky banks or points.  Even if they seem really shallow.  I have caught a lot of bass in fall in 2ft of water on a crankbait.  So tie on a crankbait and catch a hog.  If you are looking for more information about fall fishing and how to approach this time of year make sure you pick up a copy of “Fall Season Confidence Part 1 – Early Fall” from John Mark Warren.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Alabama Rig Making a Splash

Ok so yesterday I learned about the Alabama Rig by accident.  I had not heard about Paul Elias using it.  I was planning on posting a blog about the rig.  Then the swimbait hit the fan so to speak.  Now every bass blog is talking about the Alabama Rig.  On FLW Outdoors there is an article about how Elias had been killing the field with the rig.
When I saw the video below I immediately began thinking about different areas I could use this rig.  Elias is showing the world how to use it.  He has been using 5 swimbaits at once and racking up the fish.  So what is the Alabama rig?  Basically it is a piece you tie onto your line and it has five bendable wires that come off it that you can put 5 lures on.
The Alabama rig is 24.95 and can be ordered of the Alabama rig website.  There are different color heads you can get on the Alabama rig.  I have to say 24.95 seemed a bit steep at the first look.  Then I stopped and thought about it, is it worth 24.95 if I can pull in 5 bass at one time.  I think so.
Tbrinks brought up a good point he says “I am just wondering how far this trend will go”?  What is next 10 or 15 baits on the end of your line?  Now don’t get me wrong I think the rig is cool and I will have 1 or 5 by next season.

So Now I posse this question to you do you have a use for it?  Where would you use the Alabama rig?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Spinnerbait Fishin

I did a blog the other day about the lures I like to use during fall.  I told you about how I like to use a jerkbait, fluke, crankbait, jig and spinnerbait.  Now I want to talk about each of baits and go a little more in depth about each one.  I will do a 5 part series on the 5 baits mentioned above.  I am going to start with the spinnerbait.

I mentioned in my blog my favorite fall spinnerbait is the Strike King Burner.  It is not the only spinnerbait I use during fall.  However it is one of my top choices.  The Burner has a more compacted head then most spinnerbaits.  It is built for speed.  It was made to stay just under the water as you bring it back at high speeds.

Speed, that is one of the key things I look for when it comes to spinnerbait fishing in fall.  I like to bring my spinnerbait back to the boat at high speeds.  However there are times I have found that you have to slow do there are times I have found that you have to slow down our spinnerbait to get strikes.  That can be done in a few different ways.  You can reel in slower or even change your blades on your spinnerbait.

There are three main types of spinnerbait blades Willow, Colorado and Indiana.  Each blade has its own reason for why it works.  Some create more flash well others give you more vibration.  So the best thing to do is to look at each type of blade.

First let’s look at the Colorado blade.  The Colorado blade is probably one of the most popular or even the most popular blade.  The Colorado blade is rounded and cupped which gives it good resistance in the water.  The resistance causes lift and lots of vibration.  The Colorado blade is good for slow retrieves and murky water.  The Colorado blade is also good for shallow water.  I tend to switch out one of the blades on the Burner when I need to slow down my spinnerbait.

The next blade I want to look at is the Indiana blade.  The Indiana blade is longer and a little narrower, it looks like a Colorado blade because it is also cupped.  However it is longer than the Colorado blade and wider then a willow leaf blade.  This is an excellent blade if you are fishing in a river with current.  It gives off more flash then the Colorado blade but less vibration.  It is a good blade to use when you need to use a slow to medium retrieve.  This is also a good blade to swap out one of the blades on the Burner for if you need to slow it down.
The last blade I am going to talk about is the willowleaf blade.  The willowleaf blade is longer and narrower than the Indiana blade.  It creates a lot of flash.  It also spins in a very tight arch and does not give off much vibration.  The willowleaf blade gives the bait good lift and works through weeds better than the other blades because of the tight spinning blades.  It also allows you to fish the spinnerbait in deeper water.  These are the blades that come on the Burner; even though they are not the typical willowleaf blades they are specially made.

These are not the only blades you can get and use for your spinnerbaits.  There are a lot of other types of blades on the market.  If you want some more information about them there is a great article about then here.

Now let’s talk about rods.  I use a Skeet Reese Spinnerbait rod.  It is a 7ft medium fast rod.  I think it is one of the best spinnerbait rods on the market.  It allows you to make long cast.  However a medium rod will work just fine.  If I am planning on using spinnerbaits around trees and near short with tree branches hanging over the shore I will use a 6 or 6’6” medium rod.  This will give you more control over your lure as you make a cast.  I match my rod with a 6:3.1 gear ratio reel.  It may not be the fastest reel on the market but I can burn a spinnerbait back to the boat with it and it also helps me to slow down the spinnerbait if I need to with my reel.

You want to us mono line instead of braid or fluorocarbon.  The mono floats and allows you to burn your spinnerbait back to the boat.  The stretch of the mono also helps you to get a good hook set when you have a bass hit your spinnerbait.

I look for fallen trees or stumps at the mouth of a creek channel to start.  I start but casting to it and burning my bait back.  If I get a short strike I will work the area over by varying my speed.  I try to make as much contact with logs or stumps in the water as I can.  Most of the time as the spinnerbait comes off of a piece of cover the bass will hit your spinnerbait.

If I don’t get bite I will work my way back into the creek channel.  As the bass start to feed up for winter they start following the shad which will work toward the back of the creek channels as they look for food, and the bass will follow.  Besides looking for laydowns to fish I will also look for sparse vegetation.  However not all vegetation is the same.  You want to look for the greenest vegetation you can find because the brown vegetation will not hold shad which in turn will not hold bass.   

Just remember that you may need to vary your retrieve or even change your blades on your spinnerbaits depending on how the bass are reacting to your presentation.  Don’t forget that if you are getting short strikes you can also add a trailer hook to your spinnerbait, which will help you get those short strikers.

I only use a few colors of spinnerbaits.  I like to use sexy shad and smoke shad color when I am using the Strike King Burner.  In MI we have a lot of perch and so I use a perch color spinnerbait a lot as well. 

I said earlier that the Strike King Burner is not the only spinnerbait I use.  I also like to use the Advantage Bait Company spinnerbaits as well which give off a lot of flash. 

So this fall don’t overlook the spinnerbaits in your boat.  If you dont have a Strike King Burner make sure you pick one up at Bass Pro Shops.  Tie one on and catch a hog.  If you are looking for more information about fall fishing and how to approach this time of year make sure you pick up a copy of “Fall Season Confidence Part 1 – Early Fall” from John Mark Warren.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

New eBook, Fall Season Confidence Part 1 – Early Fall

John Mark Warren has done it again.  The author of “Fishing With Confidence” has released a new eBook called “Fall Season Confidence Part 1 – Early Fallit is part of an eBook series.  I did a review on one of his other eBooks ““Jig Confidence, Confidence To Master An Essential Bass Fishing Lure”.  The new book deals with fall fishing.
The book is a quick read and packed with lots of use full information.  I learned a lot about fall fishing from this book.  I have to be honest I thought I knew a lot about fall fishing because it is one of my favorite times to fish. 
One of the main things John talks about is water temp and to be honest there is a lot you can learn from this book on the matter.  I have to say there was things I did not know about temps and am glad I did now.
The book also gives insight into what bass are looking for and why a bass you catch might be in a certain area.  Most of it was info you should know and probably do but John puts it in a way that makes you stop and think I know that but I don’t put it into practice. John also talks about some of the lures that work during early fall. 
The book is a quick read.  It is only 15 pages and just like “Jig Confidence” it is packed with nuggets of information that will improve your fishing this fall and give you more confidence well on the water.
Fall Season Confidence Part 1 – Early Fall is reasonably priced you can by the eBook for 5 dollars.  The investment is definitely worth it.  You can pick up Fall Season Confidence Part 1 – Early Fall on the “Fishing With Confidence” website.  Spend the 5 dollars and help your fall fishing today, you will be glad you did.   There is more to the series on fall fishing to come from John so make sure you get them all as they come out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Top 10 Fishing Commercials

I saw a short article from Fish Informer with their top 10 list of fishing commercials.  I had to disagree with some of their list.  My top commercial was number 8 in their list.  This bothered me and I decided I needed to come up with my own top 10 list.  So sit back and watch my top 10 commercials.


This is such a funny commercial I think any angler would laugh at this one.

I love this one, I think there are times my wife feels the same way.

Once again I think most of our wives probably feel this way I hope none of them have done anything like that to your poles.

I know this one makes me smile because I am in that situation my outboard is not working.

Do I even need to say anything

This one is just plan funny.

I love Nascar and Bass fishing so this commercial is perfect.

Yuck, yuck....stinkin funny though.

I just love this I need say more.

Ok now it is time for my top pick.  This is by far the best fishing commercial ever made so far.

How could Fish Informer make this 8th come on it is way to funny.
So what are your top 10 fishing commercials

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Favorite Lures for Fall

I love fall fishing, I don’t like what is signifies the end of summer and soon in MI the water will freeze and the boat will go up for winter.  However despite that I love the fast and furious action that comes from bass feeding up in fall.
I have a lot of ways I like to fish in fall.  A spinnerbait, crankbait, jerkbait, jig and a soft jerkbait (fluke).  I know a lot of people like to fish a fluke during the summer but for me it is a great fall lure.
My favorite spinnerbait during fall is a Strike King Burner.  I like to use a sexy shad color, because in the areas I fish that color catches a lot of bass.  They come with 2 Colorado blades but for fall I change out the bottom blade for a willow blade.  I fish the spinnerbait near trees and laydowns.  I start of by burning the spinnerbait back to the boat.  If I am not getting hit I will change my speed and slow it down a little.

One of the main reasons I like fall fishing is because the jerkbait bite is so good.  I love a jerkbait, and I cannot tell you why I just do.  My weapon of choice is the Storm Thunderstick.  This is a floating jerkbait.  I am usually fishing areas where the max depth is about 5 feet and the Thunderstick works great getting the bass to come up and bite.  My favorite color is Fire Tiger.  MI had a lot of perch and the fire tiger color matches them pretty well.  Note that this lure only dives to maybe a foot so if you need to fish your jerkbait deeper you will need to use a suspending jerkbait.
I use Strike King crankbaits because there Series from 1 to 6XD gives you a variety of depth ranges to fish at.  I use the Series 3 crankbaits a lot during fall.  My favorite color is once agian the sexy shad color.  I use it to fish rocky banks and rocky points.  I like to find the depth of the area I am fishing and use a crankbait that dives a little deeper than the area I am fishing.  I will grind the crankbait over the rocks and let it bounce the crankbait.  I want as much contact with the rocks as I can.

I use a variety of jigs in fall all of them from Atomic Tackle Company.  If the crankbait is falling to produce I will switch over to a football jig with a craw trailer and drag the rocky points with it.  I have also had a lot of luck with a swim jig in the same areas.  I also like to work a jig in fallen trees.  I use both a football and swim jig in this situation as well.

The last lure I want to talk about is the fluke.  There are a lot of different ones on the market and I use a lot of different ones throughout the year.  When fall comes around I like to use a Strike King Caffeine Shad.  I like it because the tail is a bit different from the normal flukes on the market.  The tail is straight and does not have any type of tail per say.  I like it because it comes through cover better in my opinion.  I fish it over and through any green vegetation I can find still close to the surface.  I use a variety of colors but the one I tend to use the most is the Smoke Shad.  I Texas rig it weightless on a 4/0 Trokar Hook.  As I bring it back thru the vegetation I like to twitch the rod and reel in the slack. 

I hope some of my favorite baits will help you catch some big old bass this fall.  Just remember that during the fall transition your lure choice might have to change every day because the water is always changing.   

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trokar Hooks Now Cheaper

I have made it clear through other post that I love Trokar hooks.  I think they are the best on the market and I have also stated that I know at $9.99 they are a bit pricey.  However I just found out from the Trokar website that the price as of October 15th the price is going to be lowered to $6.99 for a pack. 

You can read the entire press release below:

DENVER, COLORADO – Lazer TroKar is extremely proud to announce, that as of October 15, 2011 retail packages of the sharpest fishhook in the world will see a 30% price reduction.  That means that the surgically sharpened precision of all Lazer TroKar hooks will be available at retailers and online for $6.99!  Now that is something to be stoked about!
Due to the introductions of technologically advanced machinery, reduced packaging components and increased production, we are able to reduce the per unit manufacturing cost of TroKar hooks.  As a thank you to all those dedicated bass anglers who have made Lazer TroKar the leading brand of premium, uber sharp fishhooks, we are passing the savings on to you.  Now you have the ability to put more TroKar hooks in the boat, which translates to more lip piercing fury and more fish in the live well…..and who doesn’t like that?
Be sure to check out your favorite TroKar dealer this weekend and stock up on the only surgically sharpened, American Made fishhook in the world!
For more information on TroKar, be sure to visit our website at where you can download screen savers, view tech info about styles & sizes, visit the TroKar pro’s, check out trick TroKar apparel and much more.
Lazer TroKar…just don’t fish…DOMINATE.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Q&A With Brandon Palaniuk

I had the chance to ask my favorite Elites Series angler Brandon Palaniuk a few questions.  I was excited to see what he had to say.  I hope you enjoy.

What was your favorite moment of the 2011 B.A.S.S. Elite series?
            It was the last tournament of the season at Lake Wheeler, 2nd day, and I had 4 fish for about 4.5lbs.  I was in 83rd after the first day so I knew that I was in need of some serious change.  I dropped everything I had and made a decision to move.  Long story short I went looking for the fish, found them, and saved my classic qualification for 2012.
If you could change something about one tournament even the classic what would it be?
 At Toledo Bend I would have thought with more of an open mind the 2nd day.  It ended up costing me a Top 12.
What surprised you the Most about being on tour?
 How much you have to stay on your toes 24hrs a day.
How has being on the Elite tour changed your life?
 It has been a dream come true.  I’m now in a position where I can make a living doing what I love!
What is your favorite bait…your go to bait?
Probably a drop shot 4’’ Berkley Powerbait Heavy Weight Sinkworm
 If you could give an aspiring angler one piece of advice what would it be?
 Keep your dreams in front of you!
If you could spend one day in your boat with anyone from the past or present who would it be and why?
 I would love to spend a day in the boat with my Great Grandmother Stamm.  I only got to meet her when I was real young and before I got serious into competitive bass fishing.  I have always heard that she was a fishing machine her entire life so it would be an amazing experience to spend a day on the boat with her.
How has having your sister with you on tour been?
 Hahah she is one of my best friends.  She helped keep me focused on the road and made life a little easier taking care of the little things like laundry and lunches.  And, she is always good for a laugh or two!
What event in 2012 besides the classic are you most looking forward to?
I’m really looking forward to some of the new lakes/rivers that are set for next year.  I like the idea that we are going places where we are all mostly going in blind.

What angler inspired you growing up and why?
Mostly it was the guy who got me started bass fishing, Jeremy Tripp.  Professionally though I would have to say Ike.  He brought so many different aspects into the sport and took things to a new level.
 What goals have you set for yourself for the 2012 season?
 A goal that I have set for my entire career is to never miss a classic so I definitely want to re-qualify again for 2013 along with the Elites.  I go out in every tournament to win so my goal right now is to win every tournament I fish!
Are you going to fish any other tours in 2012?
 I plan on fishing the B.A.S.S. Southern Opens along with the Elites.  If I have the time and finances to fish some of the FLW I will do that as well.