Friday, September 30, 2011

Jig Fishing Lay Downs in Fall

In the north fall brings colder weather shorter days and great fishing.  Fall is one of my favorite times to fish because you can catch bass with so many different types of lures or the fact that like spring there is the chance of catching one of those big hogs.
Like I mentioned there are so many different ways to catch bass in fall from spinnerbaits to jerk baits and so many others in between.  I love to fish with all of them; however when the water temp falls into the mid 50’s and these lures stop producing I turn to a football head jig and a flipping jig.  You can fish a football head along creek channels and drop offs but I look for something different.
When I think about jig fishing in fall I am thinking about fallen trees (from this point on I will use lay down and fallen tree to mean the same thing).  I look for trees that start shallow but the branches end in 8 to 10 feet of water.  One way to determine whether a tree is sitting in deeper water is idle by and look at the downed tree with your side imaging unit.  However I don’t have a side imaging unit so I look for trees at the beginning of a creek channel near a drop of.  One of the other key elements I also look for in a lay down is leaves matted along side of them.  If I see this on the surface it tells me that there is a current running throw the tree and stacking the leaves along the side of the lay down.
Once you have found your tree or tree's you need the right equipment.  When fishing this way I go with two different jigs.  I use an Atomic Tackle Company  ½ once football head jig in either PB&J or black and blue, and an Atomic Tackle Company 1 once flipping jig in the same colors.  I use a Strike King Rage Tail Craw in green pumpkin with the PB&J jigs.  If the bass are not responding I will change to a Zoom chuck in green pumpkin if I need something with less claw action.  I dip each plastic in JJ’s Magic Sauce  and if it is really muddied water I will use JJ’s Magic Chartreuse dipping dye and dye just the tips of the claws.  If I use a black and blue jig I will also switch my trailer color as well, I will use a black and blue trailer.  I would recommend that you have super glue with you.  When you thread your plastic on to the jig put a small drop of glue at the bottom of the plastic where it meets the jig, it will keep you from fighting with your jig all day long.
I rig my jigs on a 7 ft medium/heavy Abu Garcia VERITAS rod.  I use a Quantum Code reel with a 6:3.1 gear ratio.  I like the 6:3.1 because I have enough power to winch a bass out of the trees and it picks enough line to get the bass out quick.  I spool on 12 lb fluorocarbon to use with the football head jig and 35 lb braid when using the flipping jig.  I like the sensitivity I have with the fluorocarbon when I am fishing the football head and the low stretch with the braid so a strong hook set is not a problem with the flipping jig.   
Fishing the Jig’s
On sunny days I start out with the PB&J color and the green pumpkin trailer.  If I am not getting bites I will switch to the black and blue jig.  If it is a cloudy day I will start with the black and blue jig and switch to the PB&J if the black and blue jig is not working.  
Most people do not think about throwing a football head jig around lay downs because it is designed to be worked over rocks.  However I have had lots of success using a football jig in this situation.  It might be because it is a different profile that the bass do not see a lot I am not really sure why it works but it does.
I start by flipping the football head jig to the outside edge of the tree.  I like to start on the outside of the tree and work my way back to the heart of it so I do not spook any fish that are not deep in the tree.  I will flip the jig to the tree and let it fall to the bottom on a semi slack line making sure I am able to feel a bite if it is picked up on the fall, keeping it on a semi slack line also helps keep the bass from feeling the full weight of the jig when they pick it up.  If the jig hits bottom without being hit on the fall I will lift my rod about 3 to 5 ft and let if fall again.  If I still do not get a bite I will bring in the jig and make and pitch it a little farther back into the lay down. 
As I work deeper it to the tree I will continue to pitch the jig and let it fall on a slack line.  However as I work farther back and it falls without a bite I will bring the jig up and over branches and then allow it to fall again a few feet.  As you work the jig over the branches you want to be careful not to set the hook on a limb.  If you do set the hook on a limb it is a good idea to have a lure retriever with you.  I use a Freddies “Set Me Free” lure retriever.  This little tool will help keep you from losing a lot of jigs as you learn how to fish this way.
 Most of the time I have found that bass do not just inhale the jig but instead nip at the trailer and a few times.  When I feel them nip at it I will let the bass nip at it at least twice and then set the hook insuring that it is a bass and not a tree limb.  You do not want to let the bass play with the jig to much before setting the hook because it may drop the jig.
When I set the hook with the football head jig I don’t pull straight up instead I sweep the rod to the side.  I don’t set the hook by pulling straight up because if it is not a bass or I miss the hook set I am less likely to drive the jig into a limb above it.  Once you do set the hook you want to pull the bass out as quickly as you can.  Using the fluorocarbon line you do not have to worry about the line digging into the branches but you still want to get the bass out of the tree so it does not break you off.
I will follow this procedure multiple times on a single lay down.  I have found during fall I can pull as many as 10 fish off a good size tree when this technique is working.  So even after I catch one bass I will work almost every angle of the lay down making multiple casts to it always starting at the front of the lay down and working back into the heart of the tangled mess.
When I come to an area on a lay down with matted leaves on the surface I put down the football head jig and pick up the heavier flipping jig I have laying on the deck of the boat.  I only use the flipping jig in this situation.  I flip the jig into different spots in the matted leaves.  I do not look for holes in the leaves like I would during summer when flipping matted grass.  I once again work the outside of the leaves before going into the middle of them.  The reason I use the flipping jig among the matted leaves is because it is heavier and the slender cone shaped head allows it to fall through the leaves easier then the football head jig does. 
I work the flipping jig just like I would if I was punching mats during the summer.  I allow the jig to fall on a semi slack line because it once again keeps the bass form feeling the full weight of the jig and dropping it.
When working the flipping jig I pitch and flip it to the leaves and allow it to fall to the bottom.  If I do not get a bite I reel it in and pitch it again.  When using the flipping jig the bass inhale the bait and you have to be ready to set the hook at any moment.  So once I flip the jig onto the leaves it will sit on the top for a few moments allowing me to switch my rod from one hand to the other.  I keep my right hand on the handle of the reel so I can engage the reel at a moment’s notice and set the hook as soon as I feel the bass take the bait.  I also keep my pointer finger on the bottom side of the line right in front of where it comes out of the reel.  This allows me to feel any change nip or tap on the line.
When I set the hook on the flipping jig I will pull straight up with all the force I have driving the hook deep into the bass’s mouth making sure I have a good hook set.  You want to get the bass out of the tree as quickly as you can so it does not pull you into the tree and wrap you up in it and brake off.
The next time you are out fishing during fall look for lay downs over deeper water because it can really pay off when other lures are not working.  It will take a little practice to learn what a bass bite and a tree branch feels like but once you do you will understand why this technique works as you start bringing in bass when other don’t.  It’s a great feeling when you get back to the dock and guys are saying the bass are not biting and you can say I caught them. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Weather App Sets the Bar for All Others

I had a post the other day about a new smart phone app from Chris Jackson.  I found a write up Chris did and wanted to share it with you incase you wondered what he had to say on the subject.

The outdoors changes all the time just like the world of technology. As anglers
and hunters search for anything to make them better in their chosen hobby some
move to technology to find ways to improve. Professional Angler, Chris Jackson
is right there with them. While fihsing at an event in New York and faced with a
choice to stay in an area or move to an area closer to the check in and safety
due to some clouds rolling in. It was at that time it hit Chris. He told his
co-angler, "we need a weather app that works on smart phones to let us know when
its going to get bad." Well after making the run back and weighing his fish he
made a phone call. " I called my close friend and meteorologist, Brad Huffins
back in Alabama.". I told him I knew he worked closely with Weather Call, a home
based weather aleart system that would call you in the event of severe weather,
and wanted to make it mobile. I also asked him about adding a lightning detector
to the service as well. After we talked a few hours the ball started rolling. It
was only about a month later Brad called Chris and said "I think we have it.".
Brad sent Chris a site to test and after over a solid year or more of testing
both on the road traveling to events and on the water fishing it was tweeked and

On the 28th of September Chris released a new app for any
smart phone called " Mobile Weather Alert". This new app
for the phones can save you not only on the water but also on the road as well
as at home. It's easy to use and one of the most important things affordable for
everyone to have at only $17.95 a year, YES thats a YEAR.

This app is one of the coolest things I have ever had on my phone. I can travel to a
tournament log on and set it in the seat. It goes off if I am traveling into bad
weather and lets me know I need to either change my route or prepare to get wet.
On the water "IT ROCKS", he says. I can be fishing and no worry about a cloud
coming over the top of a mountian and bring nasty weather with it. I know if its
coming long before I see the cloud and can adjust what I am doing. "It has saved
me on more than one tour event or guide trip, because getting a co-angler or
client on a guide trip struck by lightning is just bad for business", Chris says
while joking.

AS Chris walked us through how to get started I noticed how easy it was to get the app and how much this thing really does. Once you go to his website, click on the link at the top of the
page and it takes you to the page. It explains what options you have you get the
app and load it to your phone by following the steps on the page. Then all you
have to do is click the icon on your homescreen, set your location and go about
your day. If Lightning strikes within 6 miles of your reported location your
sent a phone call, text, and/or email letting you know. If another strike doesnt
happen in the next 15 mins your sent another text telling you it's safe to
return to what you were doing. The same with severe weather, tornado's, and
flash floods within a mile of your location.

While getting updates on lightning and severe weather is the main reason to have this app, Chris points
out something else he uses it for. " You can go to the page, load it and get
some awesome options.". "I can hit the detailed weather tab and get up to date
weather forcast as well and an up to date"real time" radar for the area I am in"
says Jackson. This is awesome while on trips but really great on the water. I
can see the direction winds are shifting which might make me move to a better
location for catching fish. So it's a win/win anyway you look at it.

Even though this app was created with anglers and hunters in mind it's not just for
them. Everyone should have it if you ever go outside. I used it at an outdoor
concert once and knew to go ahead and head toward cover when lightning was in
the area. By the time everyone else "saw" the lightning I had the best seat in
the house because I beat them to it knowing it was coming about 10 mins before
they did. So even if you dont hunt of fish this is an app for you as well. To
get more information about the app be sure to go to
and keep you and your family safe in the outdoors. Remember when severe weather
strikes seconds count and can mean the difference between life and death.

Here is also some info from the Chris Jackson website about the app as well.

An angler’s greatest fear!  Being caught in a lightning or severe thunderstorm with no warning!
 NEVER AGAIN with WeatherCall Mobile!

If your smart phone is compatible (see below), choose the version that’s right for you:

Features NWS Storm-Based Warnings and “all clear” notifications in your immediate area.
Standard text messaging rates may apply based on your agreement with your cellular service carrier.  

Mobile Version With Lightning Notification:  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP 
The Mobile version features PLUS  Lightning strike warnings for within 6 miles, and “all clear” once NO strikes have occurred during your selected “wait period”.
$17.95/year In addition, standard text messaging rates may apply based on your agreement with your cellular service carrier.  

Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, Flash Flood Warnings and Lightning Notification

The original WeatherCall personal severe weather warning notification system, trusted by hundreds of thousands nationwide, is now available in a web-based MOBILE version. WeatherCall Mobile “follows” your iPhone or Android “smart phone”, and will notify you if you have come within 1 mile or less of a National Weather Service (NWS) warning area.  When the danger has passed, it will let you know when it’s “all clear”. WeatherCall Mobile monitors the self-reported location of an iPhone or Android smart phone and delivers a warning call and/or SMS text if the phone is within 1 mile or less of a National Weather Service (NWS) warning area.  If you turn the application off during a long period of pleasant weather, the WeatherCall system will send a “reminder SMS” the next time the National Weather Service issues a warning for within a 30 mile region of the phone’s last reported location.

Lightning Notification
Many storms never reach the point of being declared “severe” by the National Weather Service; yet produce potentially deadly lightning strikes. WeatherCall Mobile service notifies you when NWS has declared a warning on a storm.  For less than $6 per year, add lightning notification to your Chris Jackson WeatherCall Mobile service for the ultimate piece of mind when you’re outdoors on the lake, or traveling between fishing events.

Receive a phone call from WeatherCall and/or an SMS text within seconds if lightning has been detected within 6 miles or less of your smart phone’s location.  One touch of the icon opens valuable display maps.  “All Clear” messages are delivered when the lightning-producing storm has exited your 6 mile safety zone + a user-selected “wait period”


Test your phone’s compatibility:  performs optimally on IPhone and Android platforms.  To determine if the application will work on your smart phone, perform this simple compatibility test before signing up.  Open your phone’s web browser, type in:  and follow the instructions.  Touchable mapping is required to run WeatherCall Mobile.  If the program won’t run on your phone, please check back when you’ve upgraded to an IPhone or Android platform. 
WeatherCall Mobile

Important Tips:

The application must be running in your browser window for it to be proactively monitoring you.  If you have turned the program OFF, the Regional Reminder choice will send you a text if warnings are issued within 30 miles of your phone’s last reported location.
After you’ve registered and created a PIN, you must log in and tap the MY SETTINGS button, make your notification selections, and SAVE them for the service to work.
You must have your phone’s location services activated and select “ALLOW” when WeatherCall asks if it can use your phones current location.

The incoming phone number with a WeatherCall notification is 1-866-479-9906.  Please save this number and name it so it will display on your caller ID as an incoming WeatherCall.

If you have questions or need assistance, please send an email to and put MOBILE in the subject line.

To save battery life, get to your temporary destination, launch the web app long enough to be reported, then close it.  You will be monitored for that location as long as you are there.

Thank you for subscribing and allowing the WeatherCall to provide you with state-of-the-art severe weather warning notification services.


New Kind of Fishing Journal

I am always looking for ways to improve my bass fishing, and finding ways to help me understand what I encountered on the water.  I have been using a program that has been around for a while on Windows called One Note.
I set up a folder in One Note called Fishing Journal and have made tabs for every lake I fish.  I then added sub -tabs for each lake with a report and my catches for that date.  I have been able to also add articles I find online so I can come back and read them later.
Even if you are not a computer geek One Note is easy to use and you can set up your fishing journal anyway you want.  I have always heard pros talking about a fishing journal and for me the fact that I can do it on my computer works well for me.  I come home from a fishing trip and add to my journal.
I even have a section for each lake that has info I have compiled about each one.  I have been able to scan and put Topo maps in the file as well.  I love how easy it is to organize all of my stuff.
I like the fact also if I find an article and think man that would work great on a certain body of water I can hyperlink the article to a certain lake within the journal. 
So if you have One Note and are a bass fishing dork like me, make your own fishing journal.  I hope this helps you like it has me.  The worst part was transferring all the data over from a hand written journal.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cool Music Video with Alton Jones

So I was surfing Facebook when I ran across a new country music video.  The song is called "Sittin' Here Wishin' That I Could Go Fishin'" it is by Rita W. Jones.  The video features Alton Jones one of my favorite anglers.  It is a cool video make sure you check it out.

Another Cool New App for your Smart Phone

I have been doing a lot of new technology blogs as of late.  I am continually amazed by the new technology that continues to develop and make fishing easier (well maybe to understand if they are active) and making it safer for anglers well on the water.
Pro angler Chris Jackson has a new app available for smart phones.  It was released on 9/26/11.  Instead of me telling you what it can do this is a quote from Chris himself: “This app can be placed on your smart phone and ANYWHERE you are warn you of lightning, severe thunder storms, tornado, and flash flood warnings. You can keep your family safe on and off the water, at home, on the road on trips, and ALWAYS know when bad weather is going to hit where YOUR PHONE is not just your home.”
I have not had the chance to try it out yet.  It is not a free app it cost.  There are three options you can pick from.  From what I understand you can get a call, text message, email or all three.
Weather call mobile it cost 11.95 for a year
  • National Weather Service Tornado warnings
  • National Weather Service Severe Thunderstorm warnings
  • National Weather Service Flash Flood warnings
Weather call mobile lighting 11.95 a year
  • Nearby Lightning Strikes
Weather call mobile plus 17.95 a year
  • National Weather Service Tornado warnings
  • National Weather Service Severe Thunderstorm warnings
  • National Weather Service Flash Flood warnings
  • Nearby Lightning Strikes
With the mobile plus you get both of the options for one price.  I know in the areas I fish around my house this may not be a service I use.  However Chris talked about Smith Mountain Lake in the video (Bottom of blog) which I fished in April.  I can understand how this app could be useful there or even at Toledo Bend. 
I think this is a great app and I am surprised there has not been something like it sooner.  You can get the app on Chris Jackson’s website.  Make sure you check out the video.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monster blue marlin caught after 28-hour battle off Cabo San Lucas

I just found this cool article well surfing the web.  Apparently a group of anglers caught a blue marlin but it took then 28 hours to land the fish.  Reports on the weight are different there are two different weights.  No matter what 28 hours to land a fish holy cow could you imagine that?  I freak when it takes me a few moments to get a bass to the boat.  You can read the whole article here.  

My Top 10, Move Over Letterman

Over the last few months and weeks I have found some really cool new Bass fishing site on the web.  I have said before that bass fishing seems to be evolving just as fast as technology and with all the new websites and sites I have been running across (some may not be new, but are new to me) I decided I wanted to do a blog post about my favorite new sites I have run across.
1)   Inside Pro Bass, has been a must with all the stuff with Nate gate.  It has blogs from John Crew and Kevin Short.  They have some great content and I have even used some of them on this blog.
2)   FishAddix, is one of my favorite newer bass fishing sites out there.  It is a Facebook for bass fishing guys.  You can keep track of your fishing trips and it’s almost like a competition with the other anglers on the site to see who can get the most points.  It is defiantly a site you should look into; also add me as a friend if you do.
3)   The Fishn Report, this is another great site.  It has lots of content and I try to check it every day.  It is packed with videos and product reviews.  I have to thank fellow blogger Tbrinks for turning me on to this site.
4)   Bad Poncho Outdoors, this is a blog site like mine own but the guys are from MI like me and they do great product reviews.  They also do lake reports for MI which is a plus.
5)   Tbrinks, this is not a new site but Tbrinks does a great job keeping up with news in bass fishing and does great product reviews.  I check it every day and the content is top notch.
6)   ATF, I was turned on to this site by my friend Rodney Howard.  They have been working with Big Bass Mania.  The site has great content and videos.  I have talked to the owner and I know they have plans to expand.
7)   Wired2Fish, this site gets bigger and better every day it seems.  They have now got pros on the Elite series that carry the Wired2Fish logo.  They always have great contest and content be it reviews, videos or blogs.
8)   The Wired Angler, Once again another great bass fishing blog.  It has not been updated recently however there is a lot of great content on it and I am always finding something I have not read yet.
9)   Bass Pundit, Dave has been flooding the blog world with bass fishing info since 2004 and has to be one of the pioneers of bass fishing blogs.  He updates the site all the time and you can find some great stuff on there.
10) FHC Outdoors, They don’t just deal with bass fishing but also with hunting and camping.  They have great content and product reviews.  They also have contest and it is a great site.
There are a lot of great bass fishing sites out there, and more keep popping up.  It seems like just yesterday I ran across Wired2fish which seems to be getting bigger every day.  And don’t forget there are a lot of great bass blogs out there like my own and I seem to run across more and more every day.  So spend some time on Google and do some research and I bet you will have a top ten list soon too, I just hope Chris McDonald Fishing is on your top 10 list.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Fishing App for your Phone

Bass fishing seems to be evolving as fast as technology as of late.  There are new bass fishing site popping up all over the place.  I just read about a new program for the IPhone in the latest B.A.S.S. Master magazine called Livewell.  I don’t say this much but I wish I had an IPhone for that app (but I’m sure it will make its way to the Android platform soon).  However those of you like me with an Android phone there are apps for us out there as well.

I ran across a new app for the Android phones thanks to my wife it’s called My Fishing Advisor.  The app is free which is a plus.  The concept of the app is you put in some info and at the end it will tell you what fish are active and how active they are.  

The first piece of info you put in is your location there is a feature which will allow you to use your GPS location on your phone.  Then you have to put in what kind of body of water you are fishing a lake, river, pond or stream.  You also have to pick if they are large medium or small, it gives you acres as guide points so it is easier to decide what you are fishing.  You then pick if you are fishing now or in the future.  You then input the weather once again it will use the weather from your location or you can do it manually.  After that it ask for the body of water you are fishing’s conditions you have to go thru and put in water level, if the water level is changing, water clarity, water color and finally what the water temp is.  When you are done you get a list of fish and how active they are.
I have used this app on 10 fishing trips and it has been pretty accurate about how active the fish are.  However if conditions change of course the fish may turn off.  I have changed some of my inputs during a fishing trip as the conditions change and the activity levels of the fish have changed.  If you are curious about if fish are active it’s a good app to try once again its free. 
The only thing I would like to see changed about the app is I would like it to say what colors would be best I think that would be a cool feature.  However I like I have mentioned it‘s a free app.  Just go to the Android Market and look up My Fishing Advisor and it will come up.  It’s worth the 30 sec. to a minute it will take to download and install.
There is a lot of other cool stuff you can do I included the video which gives you a better look at the app itself.   

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Evolve Baits Pulse Frog

Plastic frogs have been a main stay in my arsenal for a few years now.  Brands like SPRO, Scum Proof and others.  I had the opportunity to fish a frog from Evolve Baits a new company in the frog industry.  When you see one of their frogs for the first time you will notice it is not like anything else on the market.
The Pulse Frog as it is called is designed differently than most frogs on the market.  The body of the frog is not soft like others instead it is hard.  There are also bee bees inside so it rattles as you bring it back.  The hooks are also different.  They hang off the back of the frog with a weed guards above them.  There is a small silicon skirt that helps hide the hooks as well.  The paint job is also a plus they are painted to look like real frogs.
I used a 7 ft medium heavy rod with a 7:0.1 reel, It was spooled with 65 lb braid.  I would think that 30 lb braid would be fine.  I however like heavier braid when fishing over pads because you never know what you will in counter in them.
With other frogs you cast slowly crawl them over the pads and stop it in a hole among the pads or matted grass.  The Pulse Frog is worked differently and in different places.  As you are working it back to the boat you twitch the rod causing the frog to spit water.  I have had luck twitching it a few times pausing well reeling in slack and then twitching again.  When the Pulse Frog is paused and sitting in the water it goes nose up it almost looks like a turtle sticking its head out of the water.
When you do get a bite you want to pause for a moment and let the bass take the frog like you would hollow belly frog before pulling back and setting the hook.  I like to try and keep my rod high in the 12 O'clock position so you have to drop your rod before setting the hook.
The Pulse frog is not for use in the lily pads like a hollow belly however it really shines on weed edges and the edge of the of the pads.  I looked for weed points or depressions in the weeds.  I would make a cast and let it sit right on the edge.  After it sat for a few seconds I would twitch my rod and make the Pulse frog spit water and twitch a bit.  If I did not get a hit I would slowly work it back to the boat.
The Pulse frog is 14.99 and can be found on a few online tackle stores Tackle warehouse also carries them.  The price is a little steep but I think it is worth it.  I had about a 1 to 3 hook up ratio with it, my hook up ratio with a hollow belly frog is more like 1 to 5.  The exposed hooks I think makes up for it.  The other down side is that you cannot use it in the lily pads because it will get hung up.
So the next time you are looking for a new frog bait make sure you check out the Evolve Pulse Frog you will be glad you did.    

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Advantage Bait Company and MLF

I am excited about Major League Fishing (MLF) and can’t wait for it to start.  I have been informed that MLF has a new partner lined up.  Advantage Bait Company has come on board with MLF. 
Advantage Bait Company makes the highest quality spinnerbait on the market in my opinion.  I did a review on their spinnerbaits a few months back and they are a part of my arsenal now.
I am excited for Advantage Bait Company and their partnership with MLF and can’t wait to see what is to come from both MLF and Advantage Bait company.

Fletcher Shryock in 5th Place

The last day of the Northern Open is today and the top five had a name I shouldn’t have been surprised by but was.  Fletcher Shryock  is in 5th place as of takeoff this morning.  Maybe you remember him.  He will be fishing the Classic because he won the Open event on Lake Norman.
This helps prove that Fletcher Shryock might be an angler to be reckoned with in the future.  He is 14th overall in the Northern Open standings.  I have become a fan of Fletcher Shryock and have even followed his blog.
Fletcher Shryock is about 4.5 lb’s behind leader Ish Monroe.  I wonder if Fletcher Shryock can win another Open event this year?  I like Ish but I am pulling for the underdog.

BassGlass Eyewear Protection for your Eyes

I had the opportunity to review a new pair of sunglasses from BassGlass Eyewear.  When I saw the picture of them I was excited because they have foam around the lens.  The glasses are HD and polarized.  They are made by GspeX. 
Like I said I wanted to try them because they seemed to be a good competitor for the Wiley X sunglasses with a foam cavity around the eyes.  Unlike the Wiley X sunglasses you cannot take the foam off of these sunglasses.
I liked the foam on the inside of the glasses.  It helped keep the sweat out of my eyes well fishing.  I also did not have any issues with the glasses fogging up.  They fit to my face well and felt like it sealed around my eyes.  I was able to run down the water in the boat and did not get nearly the amount of wind through the glasses as I have with other pairs of sunglasses I have used.  They did not keep wind out 100% but I would say I got 70% less wind around my eyes then I have with other glasses.
The BassGlass Eyewear sunglasses I tried also float so you do not have to worry about losing your glasses in the water.  The glasses also came with a strap and a microfiber bag to keep them in.
I liked the glasses because they were light weight and did not bother my face.  They are reasonably priced at 40 dollars which is far cheaper than higher end pairs.  They worked as well as the higher end sunglasses I have used.
They are great pair of sunglasses for the price and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing.  For more info or to order check out BassGlass Eyewear.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bioline a New Kind of fishing Line

With anglers having to worry about environmentalist trying to stop us from using things like lead weights we as anglers need to be more concuss of what we are using.  For now anglers can still use lead weights but what is next? 

Eagle Claw is has come out with a new fishing line “bio Line®”, it’s an environmentally friendly fishing line because it is the first biodegradable fishing line on the market.  Fishing line, when left in the water takes, 600 years or more to degrade (according to research).  Bioline® will degrade in water in 5 years. 

I personally hate catching my lures on line that has been cut and left in the water.  I have pulled up line that looks like it has been there for 20 years.  If they had been fishing bioline I bet I would not have gotten hung up on it.  Now, when fishing you are going to hang up and break line off, as it is a part of fishing we cannot avoid.  However, I did not know just how long it would take for the average line to degrade in the water.

Bioline is a mono line so it floats however; it is not your typical mono line.  Bioline does not absorb water like regular mono does.  It is also clear like Fluorocarbon line which is a plus.

I spent the summer testing the line because I did not want to try it a few times and catch a few fish and find out later I would have problems with it after it had been on my spool for months.  I tested 4, 6 and 8 lb test bioline and was pleasantly surprised with all three.

I used the 4 lb test line to catch blue gills, crappie and even a few bass.  I used live worms, a Bitsy Minnow crankbait and inline spinnerbaits.  The 4 lb line held up well.  It had good sensitivity on an extra light spinning rod and reel.  I was able to land a 4.5 lb bass on the line with no problems.

I used the 8 lb line for bass with a medium action spinning rod.  I landed bass on a shaky head using the line.  Once again the bioline had good sensitivity.  I also used spinnerbaits and flukes with the 8 lb line.  It worked well with all the lures I used.  I never landed a bass over 8 lb but it did hold up even around docks and wood.  It did get nicks in it and I would retie the line.

The line that surprised me the most was the 6 lb line.  I used a shaky head when testing this line.  However I filled a friends spool with it before he went on a weeklong pike fishing trip.  He told me that he landed 20 pike on the line, using inline spinners and ½ to 1 oz spoons.  He never had a problem with the line and landed some big pike without issue of the line breaking.

The bioline has been on my reels for over three months and I was worried that maybe after time it would lose its strength.  I have not had any issues with that.  With that said, when you get a spool of bioline, there is a tag that you are suppose to write the date you opened it on it so you know when it has been opened a year.  After the year you are suppose to buy new line.  I was afraid you might have issues before a year; like I said I have not had any issues after 3months.  The line still comes off the spool as smoothly as it did the first time I use it.

The bioline is about $11 for 225 yards.  I was able to spool 2 reels and still have line left over.  The line cast very smooth and comes out of the spool and back on without issue if it is spooled right.  The package even comes with instructions on how to spool a spinning reel which is a neat feature for someone who does not know how.  The only issue I encountered with the bioline was putting it on the spool the first time.  I had to constantly flip the spool over to keep it from twisting.  Once it was on the spool it worked great.

Even with the issue I had putting it on the spool bioline is a great product.  I would recommend bioline to both tournament anglers and to those who just fish for fun.  It is a great product and $11 is a modest price for mono line.  Make sure you check out bioline and remember the line does not damage the environment like normal fishing line does.  That fact is enough to make a compelling argument for bioline.  Next season I will be changing all my mono line over to bioline, will you?  For more info on Bioline check out

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I just ran across a new contest at Free Bass Lures.  It is for a chance to win some new baits for Jackall the Clone Gill.  All you have to do is answer 3 questions about the lures from a write up about them.  I took 5 minutes and did it.  Make sure you go check it out and maybe you can beat me out for the prize.  I know if I win i will have a review for all my loyal readers.

What Lure Should I Throw?

I ran across a cool chart well I was on Wired2Fish.  It is a chart they made up of what lures to throw when water temps are at a certain temp.  I know I have my favorite lures for spring, summer and fall but when they are not working sometime I have trouble knowing what else to throw.
The chart is easy to use and it even gives you options for clear and muddy water.  You can check the chart out at Wired2Fish.  They also have a PDF version I am going to print one out and put it in the boat so if I have a moment of not knowing what to throw I can look at it have get some ideas.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nate Wellman will not be fishing the Classic in 2012

I just found this about the Nate Wellman saga.  It has seemed to finally blow over and then B.A.S.S. released this statement.

"BASS announced today that Nate Wellman will not be fishing the Classic in 2012.
Below is that statement:
B.A.S.S. tournament officials and Nate Wellman have mutually agreed that Mr. Wellman will not fish any Bassmaster tournaments until March 2012. Mr. Wellman will not compete in the Bassmaster Northern Open this week in Syracuse, N.Y., and as a consequence of his withdrawal, Mr. Wellman will be ineligible to compete in the 2012 Bassmaster Classic. No changes have been made to the previously communicated penalties or the final tournament standings of the August 27, 2011 Bassmaster Northern Open held on Lake Erie. Wellman maintains his eligibility in the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series."

I think this should make some of the bass fisherman around America happy.

Brandon Palaniuk a Standup Guy

I have been impressed with Brandon Palaniuk since his impressive debut at the B.A.S.S. Master Classic in February.  He had a great chance of winning the Classic and dethroning KVD.
I read an article from about Brandon and the fact that he has elected to not fish the Federation Championship.  He decided not to because the only thing he could get out of it is a new bass boat.
If you don’t know the winner gets a new bass boat, a birth in the Classic and an invitation to fish the Elite series (I did not know Brandon is the first winner to take the Elite series invitation).
The article says Brandon decided not to defend his title because of not needing the money (Boat).  In my mind Brandon is a standup guy.  He could have defended his title and maybe won and taken a Classic birth from someone else, even though he is already qualified for the Classic and will be back for next seasons Elite series because he finished 37th overall.
I think it is cool that Brandon is allowing someone else a chance to fish for a Classic birth.  I think it shows just much he truly cares for the sport and is not in it for titles but because he loves what he is doing.  I think Brandon has a great future in pro bass fishing and can’t wait to see what he does, look out KVD.  You can read the whole article at

Vibram Five Fingers Great Shoes on the Bass Boat

This past summer I bought a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes.  I had heard about them back in April from a friend of my wife’s and thought they sounded kind of stupid.  After hearing more about them I wanted to try them on.  I found a store that had them well we were on a weekend vacation.  After trying them on I found I loved them and bought a pair.
Most people use them to run in, well I don’t run much but I fish all the time.  In the past I have worn Air Walks and socks on the boat, then last summer I got a pair of sandals and now I have turned to my Vibram’s. 
The first time I wore them on the boat I noticed a difference.  After 8 hours of standing in sandals I would have a sore back.  That was no long an issue in the Vibram’s.  I also noticed I did not have as heavy of a foot on the trolling motor I felt like I could control it better.  I did not have to use as much force with my foot to control it.
They also let my feet breath easily like a pair of sandals does.  So your feet do not get sweaty in them.  I also like the fact that you can get the shoes wet and within a short time they will dry out.  I have walked into the water with them on to hook the boat to the trailer taken them home and let them dry and the next morning they are ready to go fishing again.  If you get a little water on them they dry out even quicker which is nice because at times I have had a bass get water on my feet as I take him off the hook and the shoes dry out within 30 minutes or so.
The shoes are a great alternative to walking around your boat with bare feet, you don’t have to worry about stepping on a hook and having it logged in your foot.
Now there are some down sides of the shoes.  For starters you have to have something between your toes.  That was enough for me to not want to even try them on because I will not wear flip flops for that reason.  Now I did not have a problem with it I think it is because there is not much material between your toes.  The second down fall is the price, Vibram’s run about 100 dollars.  You can find them on sale if you look my wife bought a pair for 60 because we found them on sale.
The price in my mind is justified the shoes are well made and worth the investment.  I have never paid 100 dollars for a pair of shoes but when it comes to the Vibram’s I will buy another pair when mine wear out.  There are many different styles of the Vibram’s as well.
If you don’t like the idea of something between your toes but want minimalist shoe there are other options out there as well.  You could look into them as well.  I know for me I will never fish in anything else then my Five Finger shoes.  I think soon more anglers will turn to these kinds of shoes and I wish Vibram would sponsor me because I think anglers need to know about them.  Make sure you check them out.