Thursday, June 30, 2011

Teacha Worms Contest Starting Soon

I am going to have my first contest here on Chris McDonald Fishing.  Next week I will have reviews on Teacha Worms which are hand poured soft plastics.  I am going to take a page out of fellow blogger Tbrinks page and the winner will be randomly chosen.  Here’s how it will work.  Each comment you make on the review will count as a vote (ok let me clarify: that does not mean you can post cool or something.  Only comments that are relevant).  Good Luck all it will start Monday!

Deal at Cashion Rods

From F.I.S.H.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hooked on Wood

I ran across a sweet page on Facebook called Hook On Wood.  Jeremy the owner makes fishing sculptors out of wood.  He does not have a website but you can go to his Facebook page and see his work.  Some photos have prices but you can leave a comment and I am sure he will get back to you.  Make sure you check it out the stuff is awesome.

Plus Jeremy is from my home state of MI and we here need all the help we can get with the hard times here in MI so make sure you go check out his page.  The pic is one of his pieces of art!

PAA Event on Table Rock

I found this on the PAA site.  I know I am behind because the event is over.  You can see the article written before the event here.

The article is about how the locals may not have the advantage on Table Rock because it’s not a normal year and the bass have not left the shallows like they normally would.  I found it interesting that it talked about Stacey King being the closest local for the event.  Well if you are not aware Stacey King won the event on Table Rock.  You can read more about the final day here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Boating Accident

Well Sunday there was an accident involving SHINICHI FUKAE in the FLW Event (Read more here).  I just read that Mark Menendez was at the PAA event on Table Rock when he ran up on an embankment going 25 mph.
I keep saying it over and over anglers need to be safer.  Now to Marks credit he was not running full throttle when he did it and from what I can tell the boat was not wrecked.  I am amazed at all the boating wrecks I have heard about this year.
I am beginning to worry that if we are not careful we are going to be reading about the death of an angler either pro or weekend warrior.  We all as anglers need to be more careful out there.  I will say it again is the 250 hp motor such a good idea?

JD's Custom Bait's M.W. Review

I have never fished with a plastic worm over 7 inches.  In Michigan, we are conditioned to believe that our bass won’t hit big baits because we don’t have 10 plus pound hogs.  Well was I wrong!  I had the opportunity to fish with a M.W. from JD’s Custom Baits.  It is an 11 ½ inch worm and I was amazed by what I saw.
When you first look at the M.W. it resembles a snake with a paddle tail.  It is ribbed and comes to a point at the nose of the bait.  I Texas rigged the M.W. on a Trokar 5/0 hook and threw it on 12lb fluorocarbon line.  It is very buoyant and as you work it back (Texas rigged) the nose stays down while the tail rises.  I fished it in clear, shallow water and was able to see that the paddle tail worked back and forth both in motion and at rest.  What surprised me was seeing smaller bass following the M.W. and even nipping at the tail.  The bait held up really well; I was able to catch 4 bass on it, and it is still fishable!  However, the first bass damaged the bait by ripping its nose, so I simply bit it off and rerigged the bait. 
The M.W. comes in a package of 3 for under 5 bucks.  After watching this bait catch multiple bass and only take damage from one, the buck and a half doesn’t seem like a big investment.  I made 20 casts and got 4 bass with it.  The largest bass I pulled in weighed about 4 pounds and the smallest of the 4 was only 10 inches long.  What impressed me was that the 10 incher inhaled the entire bait. 
Overall I would say that the M.W. is a great bait and when the bass hits it you are in for a fight.  Based on the strength in materials and great action, it’s a great bait for your money.  Make sure you have some on your next trip because it will catch big and small bass alike.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Contest....We ALL Love Contest

My fellow blogger and friend Tbrinks of is doing a contest right now.  I wanted to tell you about it because it is a really easy contest to enter.  It is a picture based contest on Facebook.  You post a picture of the prettiest bass, and they pick a winner.  You can learn more about it HERE.
It is going to be in conjunction with Death Shimmer spinnerbaits which thanks to Tbrinks I will be doing a review on in the next week or so.  Make sure you check it out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So last Sunday SHINICHI FUKAE Hit the Paris Landing Bridge well running back to the weigh in at the FLW Event on Kentucky Lake.  Shinichi Fukae was ok but the camera man in the boat was taken to a local hospital.
It brings up the question what happened?  I have read and heard (Not sure it’s true) that there was something rolling around on the floor of the boat and he was bent over trying to pick it up.  Like I said I am not positive this is what happened.
It seems like I have read about a lot more boat accidents this year than in years past.  Maybe I have been more open to hearing it this year I’m not really sure.  I am beginning to wonder is the 250 hp motors are causing more problems in the bass fishing world.  Yes you can make long runs in a short amount of time, but is it worth it?  In February I talked with Dave Wolak after the Classic about the fog and use of radar (you can read here) and guys running full out in dense fog.
I see the benefits of big motors you have to beat those other anglers to your spot, but is it always safe?  Now we don’t hear about pros hitting things all the time however maybe anglers need to take a step back and look at what is happening to the sport we all love.
Now don’t get me wrong I want a 21 footer and a 250 hp bass boat but I think we need to think about safety.  Maybe the pros and those of us fishing club and weekend tournaments need to take that extra 5 minutes and not push the envelope by running full bore back to the weigh in.
Now I have never fished for 100k and maybe I would push it to the very last second if I was but even in club tournaments I head for the dock 5 minutes early just in case the boat has an issue or I can’t run full out because people are in the way. 
I hope that we do not see another pro wreck a boat anytime soon or anyone else for that matter.

Hoax It's All A Hoax

Well no new world record bass.  Claims that a guy caught a 24 lb 3 oz on Lake Eufaula which is near Birmingham AL have been brought to light and are false.  Instead the fish is a 14 lb caught by a Texas Guide James Caldemeyer.  You can check out a website that tells you more about Jason HERE.
So no new record bass, I can only wonder why the hoax.  Maybe now James will be Googled more maybe business will pick up for him.  I wonder if he was even aware what was going on.  Ok I’m sure he did come on he would have to.
So the debate comes back to us.  Will the next world record fish come from the USA or from Japan? 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thank You Strike King

Dear Strike King,
Thank you for making great lures like the Bitsy Minnow.  You have reminded me how much fun it is to catch bluegills.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to catch them, and with the Bitsy Minnow I have even more fun than I did as a kid waiting for the bobber to plunge under the water.
Once again thanks for renewing my love of gill fishing; I never thought I could catch them using a crankbait which is my favorite way to catch bass.  Also thanks for making it hold up to bass as well.  It’s nice to know I can catch gills as big as my hand and a bass each time I make a cast.
Chris McDonald Fishing
Ok so let’s be honest Strike King is not going to read this little note, but man I had forgotten how much fun fishing for bluegills could be and to make it even better I get to catch them on a crankbait.  If you have not figured it out I have been catching loads of big gills on a Bitsy Minnow and man is it fun.  I have been fishing a small lake near my house following weed edges and bring in bass and gills.  When I create my own “Panic Box” like Ike the Strike King Bitsy Minnow will be in it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Elite Event Problems

I have not been following the B.A.S.S. event going on this weekend like I do most of the time.  I ran across a post from Tbrinks, about the controversy between JVD and Denny Brauer.  I was not aware of what was going on.  You can read Tyler’s post here. 

I figured that JVD would be a force to be reckoned with in the Elite Series in years to come.  I mean you cannot be related to one of the best anglers of all time KVD and not have some of it rub off on you.  I have heard people say he is a punk and does not deserve to be in the Elites.  Well maybe those people where right.

I know there are unwritten rules in bass fishing, let’s be honest they rules even apply to small club tournaments held all over the country. 

Here is a list of some unwritten rules that came from Times

"Respect everyone on the lake. Give everyone proper distance while fishing and do not encroach on someone fishing "your spot". It does not matter if that person fishing is in a tournament or not. Simply give them a respectable distance to fish. "We" tournament anglers really have a bad reputation for this and that needs to be fixed.

n When you leave an area from fishing, be careful and do not prop wash the area to prevent a competitor from fishing there. Idle out a good distance before you take off to minimize stirring up the area you have fished.

n Prior to launching your boat, be sure to have everything ready before getting on the ramp. If possible remove your motor brace, boat safety straps, and unhook your boat from the trailer. Install your drain plug and be ready to go. It's no fun to have to wait for someone to do all this. If you are ready to launch and the ramp is blocked, it can start the day off bad.

n As with No. 3, at the end of the day be sure to put your boat on the trailer as quickly as possible. After that, pull up away from the ramp to install all of your safety gear and don't keep the ramp blocked.

n Know the local laws for the body of water on which you are fishing. Use maps and the Internet to study the lake before getting on it. This will prevent having problems on the water that ultimately can end your fishing trip.

n Be sure to respect the wildlife and fish of the lake you are on. Don't litter! I've seen many times where people will throw just about anything in the lake. All that does is hurt the fishing and wildlife. Try your best to keep all your fish alive for the weigh-in. Release them alive as much as you possible, because without fish you can't have a tournament."

Now what JVD is doing is not specifically addressed in this list however it does fall under giving someone fishing a section of water distance.  Now there are times that anglers will fish on top of each other.  Look at the FLW open event on Okeechobee this year.  Brandon McMillan and Randall Tharp fished the same weed stretch and would even pass one another when they hit the middle of it.

Watching the event on Verses you could see a mutual respect between the two.  They would laugh and joke about it and mess with each other.  The two finished 1, 2 and no harsh words were said each was happy with how it played out.  The JVD Brauer situation does not have this feeling instead it seems more like a feud between Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick in NASCAR.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gills on the Beds and Bass Chasing

The past 2 days I have been fishing a small pond at the college I attend.  During the spring it produces big 5 and 6 pound pre spawn bass pretty fast and furious.  Yesterday I found bass shallow keying in on gills that were on the beds.  The bass would not look at anything that was not a sunfish.
I did get one nibble from a bass on a HAVOC Grass Pig in green pumpkin with red flake.  Being that I was bank fishing I had brought limited tackle that I thought would be the ticket.  I went back today thinking that a swim jig from Atomic Tackle Company in blue gill color tip with a HAVOC Twin Tail grub would work.  I used it near the beds and got nothing.
I had read something about a year ago and now can’t remember where or in what about when bass are keying in on bedding gills that a jig was a great lure.  Well after 3 hours I can say the best ticket for catching bass in this situation is a live gill with a hook in it.  Now I am a tournament bass angler and using live bait for anything other than gills or crappies is very difficult to deal with.
So in this situation what lures would you use or have worked for you?       

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Website for Inside Bass Fishing

Inside Bass Fishing a weekly email bass fishing newsletter has a new website.  Make sure you check it out at:

Make Sure you check it out and signup for the free newsletter you will be glad you did!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Down Sizing

We often see articles, blog post or even T.V. shows telling us that you get the big bass with big baits.  However sometimes you have to scale your tackle down and go with smaller micro baits.  When Greg Hackney won the Forrest Wood Cup on the 3 rivers in Pittsburg I heard him talk about winning on small spinnerbaits and smaller baits then he normally throws.  He even said if he lived on the river he would have to change all his tackle.
Anglers across the country need to think small at times.  The other day I was out fishing weed flats for pre/post spawn bass.  I started with a spinnerbait but when nothing attacked it except for some large gills I turned to a Strike King KVD 1.5 in chartreuse and black back.  I landed a good 3.5 bass however I watched countless sunfish follow my 1.5 back to the boat.  I took a spinning rod and tied on a small crankbait it was a Strike King Bitsy Minnow.
There were some good bass that hit the lure.  I lost most before getting them in the boat (the hooks needed to be changed).  I changed to the smaller lure because of the gills following the bait.  They were very active and I figured maybe I could catch some for dinner.  I did catch some good gills but I also hooked up with some good bass.
Anglers need to be willing to downsize there lures.  Sometimes it’s not an easy thing to do.  I could have thrown the bigger 1.5 and maybe I would have gotten one or two more good size bass.  However I am fisherman at heart and the opportunity to catch some good size gills on a crankbait was too much to resist.  Don’t over look the little things going on around you and be willing to adapt.