Tuesday, March 29, 2011

375-pound shark leaps into Texas fisherman's boat

The Associated Press
Ok so I saw this article today and had to share.  It's a cool news article about a shark that jumped into a boat check out the article here

My Dream Rig Part 3

I have done two posts about my Dream Rig, what kind of boat I would buy and what I would use to tow it with.  With this Dream Rig post I am going to talk about what I would stock my boat with. 
So let’s start with Rods.  I have said in numerous posts I like the Wright and McGill Skeet Reese line or rods.  I would have some of these rods in my Dream Rig, but I would also include others. 
Cranking rod- I would have two Skeet Reese cranking rods I would have both the 7’ and 7’10” Skeet Reese cranking rods.  I would also have a Quantum KVD 7’ and 7’10” cranking rod.  I would have 500 in Crankbait rods.
Spinnerbait rod- I would once again go to a Skeet Reese rod for this.  They have great action.  I would also have an Element 21 Carrot Stix 6’9” medium rod for this application.  I like Spinnerbaits almost as much as I like crankbaits so I would have one more spinnerbait rod.  I would have an Abu Garcia VERITAS 7’ medium fast rod.  I would have 350 in these rods.
Jig Rod- I am starting to love jig fishing and I would have five rods for this application so I could have five different line sizes and types.  All three rods would be Abu Garcia VERITAS 7’ medium heavy rods for this application.  For jigs I would be adding another 500 to the amount spent.
Worm Rod- Well I would have to use a Skeet Reese Carolina rig rod.  I have used it in the past and I love the action and feel of the rod.  But for Texas rigged worms I would go to a rod most people don’t even know exist.  A Field & Stream Tec Spec 7' Soft Plastic Casting Rod.  I would have 3 of these rods.  They are not only priced right but the action and sensitivity of these rods are amazing.  I would have another 280 in these rods. 
Flipping rod- There are so many flipping and pitching rods out there.  I would have an iRod Bubba Tosh rod for punching.  A St. Croix Mojo Bass Rod 7’11”.  I would also have a Loomis Mossy Back Flipping Rod 7'5" heavy.  There is another 590 in rods.
These are the rods I will mention by name.  I would still have more rods to buy.  For applications like Finesse fishing I would have 9 rods just for finesse fishing totaling 1,000K.  I would have 3 rods for Swimbaits totaling 400.  I would have a grand total of 3,600K in rods.  There would also be other rods for things like fishing a frog.  I would have another 1,500k in rods for things like that.
Now for reels it would be much simpler.  All the Skeet Reese Rods would get the Victory Skeet Reese Reels, racking up another 700.  All the other bait casters would get Quantum® Kevin VanDam Tour Baitcast Reels raging from 7.3:1 to 5.4:1 gear ratios.  There would be 15 of these reels totaling 7,500K.  For the Finesse fishing rods I would be looking at spinning reels, I would purchase 9 Abu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning Reel.  Totaling 2,300K
This would bring a grand total of 11,100K for rods and reels.  Add that to the boat and tow vehicle price and I am sitting at 118,700K.  This does not include baits which I will look at next.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Dream Rig Part 2

The Other day I started a Dream Rig series on my blog.  I told you what boat I would buy a Bass Cat Puma FTD.  So this part of my Dream Rig I will look at what my dream tow vehicle would be.  What good would it be to have a sweat boat loaded down with the best equipment you can buy if you don’t have anything to pull it with?
I have always loved trucks; I have had a few in my life.  Right now I use a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport to pull my boat.  However if money was no object I would be using something else.  In today’s bass fishing tournaments there are so many bonuses you can make.  So first I would look at what bonuses you can get from a tow vehicle. 
Toyota pays bonuses for B.A.S.S. Elite events, FLW events, TBF events and BASS Federation Nation.  So for a guy who was not going to fish those events the Toyota would be out, however if you are going to fish these events it might be worth the money.
Even though they sponsor the FLW program do not have a bonus program I could find, that doesn’t mean there is not one.
I also could not find a bonus for Ford or Dodge as well.
With all of that said, I am not one of those guys who would not buy a Toyota because it’s not an American truck.  They are expensive, but like I said in this Dream Rig money is not a factor.  I like the Toyota Tundra and with the fact that they have Bonus programs for bass anglers it seems like a no brainer.
So Yes my Dream Rig would include a Toyota Tundra as my tow vehicle.  Now I have the truck It would have some extras as well.  I would put a truck cap on my truck.  I personally would add some different storage things to the bed of the truck.  I would build in rod holders with PVC pipe and wood.  There would also be a place for tackle boxes as well.
 With my boat and extras added to it I would be at 65,000K and new Tundra at 37,000k.  With my extras to the truck there’s another 1,000K so I’m looking at 103,000K for my Dream Rig.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Dream Rig

There are so many bass boats on the market today it’s hard to pick one to buy.  I don’t have the money right now to buy a new bass boat so I will stick with my 1979 Ranger Bass boat.  That doesn’t stop me from drooling over new bass boats.  So I have created my own Dream rig.  I also have come up with my Dream tackle and rods and reels that I will share later.
The boat I would choose is hard to pin down to one boat.  When you look at all the bass boats out there and they all have some great thing about each.  But because I cannot pick and choose what I want from each boat and create my own I had to pick the dream rig I would buy.
For as long as I could remember I have wanted a Nitro Z9, I think it’s because they are cheaper than most bass boats on the market.  I think KVD running a Nitro Z9 helped.  However Nitro did not make my dream rig.  My dream rig is……A Bass Cat Puma FTD.  Yup a Bass Cat.  I narrowed it down to Legend and Bass Cat, but the features on the Puma FTD won out.
The front deck of the Puma FTD is set up different than any other bass boat I have seen.  The trolling motor foot peddle is recessed into the dash; to be honest it just looks cool and very functional.  It also has a 52 gallon gas tank which is one of the larger gas tanks I have seen on a bass boat.
My motor would be a 250 hp Mercury Pro SX.  I would also put a Minn Kota Fortrex  101 LB THRUST
36 VOLTS with a 62” shaft.  One of the things I liked about the Bass Cat Puma FTD is a Lowrance 8 HDS in the driving dash of the boat.  However I would outfit the boat with a Lowrance HDS 10 on both the front and by the driver’s seat  I would also have Lowrance Structure Scan outfitted on the front and back of the boat.
The last thing I would add to my rig would be two Power Poles.  I looked at the Minn Kota Talon but realized I liked the Power Poles better.  To be honest I like the fact you can get the Power Poles in different colors.  My dream rig would run about 65,000K but man it would be sweet.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Stabber Crankbait

from http://www.backstabberlures.com/
If you read as many bass fishing magazines as I do I would bet you have seen and read about the “Stabber” line of crankbaits from Back Stabber Lures?  Bassin’ ranked it number 1 in their list of “Best New Lures for 2011”.  It also made the Bassmaster magazine in their list of new 2011 lures.
To be honest even though I have read about it I have been skeptical about the lure.  What makes the lure different and innovative is that the belly hook that’s on most crankbaits is moved to the back of lure.  There are also swivels built into the lure so the bait spins giving you a better hook up ratio.
I have been skeptical as I said; I watched “Fishing University” today and they used the lure.  It got my attention.  I like to see a lure worked before I am sold.  I did not see it firsthand but what I saw on Fishing University has made me want to get my hands on one.  The second I do I will be writing a review.  If you want more info on the “Stabber” check out their website: http://www.backstabberlures.com/.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I have HAVOC Fever

With so many great products out on the market at times you can get excited over things that may not work.  There are those products that are gimmicks, we all have bought them.  In the past year I have really slowed my tackle buying and become very picky about what I buy.
In the last six months or so there have been two new lures to hit the market that have really excited me, the Strike King KVD 1.5 and 2.5 which I did a review on (read here), and the new Berkley HAVOC baits. 
Yes KVD has won plenty of money and won the AOY and Classic on the KVD 1.5 and 2.5 but that’s not what got my blood pumping about it.  I love crankbaits and shallow running crankbaits for that matter.  The action of that bait is incredible.  Considering that I am a Strike King guy, even though I can’t get them to sponsor me I love there crankbaits. 
Now on the soft plastics I have been dyeing to get my hands on since the Classic when they were launched.  The HAVOC baits for starters just look great.  I love the fact that Berkley told the Pro’s to make the baits and gave them the freedom to make what they wanted.
I had the opportunity to buy all four HAVOC baits that are out at the moment.  The “Pit Boss” by Skeet Reese, “Devil Spear” by Mike Iaconelli, “The Deuce” by Gary Klein and the “Craw Fatty” by Bobby Lane.
http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/berkley-havoc-baits/ has some great explanations as to what each is used for.
from Tacklewarehouse.com
Pit Boss:
The Berkley Havoc Pit Boss was designed by Skeet Reese with flipping in mind. The 4” Pit Boss mimics baitfish and crawfish. Its size and shape are perfect to match the most common forage sizes and get bites in all fishing conditions. If catching more fish and winning tournaments interests you, fish Havoc!  

from Tacklewarehouse.com
Devil Spear:
The Berkley Havoc Devil spear was designed by Mike Iaconelli for use while fishing extremely heavy cover. The 4” Devil Spear was created to fish in places other baits just won’t go! Its size and shape are perfect through, in and around the heaviest of cover without getting hung up. If catching more fish and winning tournaments interests you, fish Havoc!

from Tacklewarehouse.com
The Deuce:
The New Berkley Havoc Deuce was designed specifically by Gary Klein as a spinnerbait and jig trailer. The 3” Deuce was created with an innovative tail design to be fished at the slowest speeds! It’s longer than normal sized body allows a larger hook to be used increasing hook ups. If catching more fish and winning tournaments interests you, fish Havoc!

from Tacklewarehouse.com

Craw Fatty:
Bobby Lane designed the New Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty to be extremely versatile bait. The 4” Craw Fatty was created with a thinner body resulting in flawless hookups. Its size and shape are perfect to flip it, pitch it, punch it, Texas rig or Carolina rig it or use it as a jig trailer. If catching more fish and winning tournaments interests you, fish Havoc baits!
As soon as I can get out and try these baits I will let you know what I think.  One more thing about the HAVOC baits they come in angler’s favorite colors or colors they think will be best.  If you can get your hands on some HAVOC baits I would say do it.  Tackle Warehouse has seven different baits at the moment, I got mine at Dicks Sporting Goods.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alton Jones Leads day 1 of Power-Pole Citrus Slam

Day one of the Power-Pole Citrus Slam is in the books.  Alton Jones leads with 26-9 lbs, what a bag.  Most reports I have read this week said 30 lbs bags would be all over the place.  The top 11 places are held by 20 plus lbs bags.  Brent Chapman is in 2nd with 25-4 lbs he weighed in an 8 and 9 lber today.  Two great fish.  Reports from anglers during the weigh-in said the sight fish where spooked easly.  It will be interesting to see if the big bags keep comming in over the next 4 days. 
My B.A.S.S. Fantasy team consited of:
KVD 17th tied
Shaw Grigsby 69th
Stephen Browning 48th
Chris Lane 57th
JVD 62th
Looks like I may have a bad tournament
My Advanced Angler team:
Terry Scroggins 17th tied
Shaw Grigsby 69th
KVD 17th tied
JVD 62th
Bobby Lane 15th
My Advanced Angler team is looking better but I'm still in bad shape.  I hope things change for the guys I picked but we wont know that untill tomorrow

Shark Tooth Review

In January I attended the Ultimate Fishing Show in Novi MI.  I went to a special Seminar with KVD where I received a “Shark Tooth”.  The Shark Tooth is a line cutter that you place on your spool.  In the two months since getting the new toy I have not had it out to try until my friend and fellow blog T Brinks mentioned the Shark Tooth the other day.  He gave me the idea to review the product so here we go.
The Shark Tooth is endorsed by 4 time Classic winner KVD.  The Shark Tooth is comprised of an elastic band with a plastic piece on top of the elastic.  There is a razor blade built into the plastic.  There are also two line holes in the plastic and elastic.
The basic way of using the Shark Tooth is you put the line from your spool thru the line hole.  Pull out the amount of line you want, then you use the razor blade to cut the line.  It comes into sizes.  The yellow size works best for Fluorocarbon and the Orange is designed for ¼ lb spools.  I tested the Shark Tooth on Vicious 65-20 lb braided line, Vicious 20-6 lb fluorocarbon, Vicious 15-8 lb mono and Berkley 12-8 Fire line.  The Shark Tooth cut all four types of line.  The only trouble I had cut was the braided line.  It was tuff to cut the braid no matter the lb test.  It did cut it but with more effort.  Most ends where cut clean.  The braid frayed but that could simply be because braid does that. 
The Shark Tooth is marketed for cutting leaders; I would say that’s what it is best used for.  Because the elastic is on the spool its self the line comes out slowly, the Shark Tooth has to rotate around the spool as you pull line out.  I attempted to fill a bait caster with the Shark Tooth, the Shark Tooth made it hard to line a spool.  As you reeled the line onto the reel the Shark Tooth made it hard because as it rotated the reel was pulling more line and would bind up as the Shark Tooth moved too slowly.
Over all the Shark Tooth would get a 5 of 10 in my book.  It is awkward to use, as you cut the line.  As the spool gets lower the Shark Tooth moves deeper into the spool, which when you try to cut the line can be hard because you have the sides of the spool to contend with.  With that said I can see how the Shark Tooth would be useful on the boat cutting leaders.  The Shark Tooth will have a home on my boat this year for that very reason.  Knowing that I don’t have to get out the line and then something to cut the line with is nice.  You can leave the Shark Tooth on your line and don’t have to worry about the spool unwinding on you without a rubber band or something to keep the line in place.  For more info on the Shark Tooth check out www.flyfishingxtreme.com, the Shark Tooth cost 4.95 each and can be purchased via the website.

Monday, March 14, 2011

What to do?

With the St. Johns River tournament this weekend I am wondering who do I pick for my fantasy team.  I didn’t do so well on my B.A.S.S. team.  I picked the rookie JVD which paid off nicely.  I had KVD locked in and then switched him out.  What was I thinking?  Chris Lane was a good pick but honestly I figured Bobby Lane to be the better choice.
On Advanced Anglers site I picked Grigsby and had Russ lane instead of Chris….I got them mixed up and never fixed it.  So now we are faced with a new body of water.  Do you pick the guys who won on Harris?  I am hearing that it will fish the same.  I would have to think Grigsby would be a solid pick but I could be wrong. 
I like the way Advanced Angler does there picks you can pick any angler, unlike B.A.S.S. where they have some in one group and others in another.  I would have picked Grigsby but he was up against someone else I thought would do better.
Well Practice has started for the Elites and Thursday the tourney starts so who are you picking?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Line up for Sunshine Showdown Tavares, FL (Harris Chain)

Make sure you get your line up in for the Sunshine Showdown on the Harris Chain.  The B.A.S.S. Elite event is this weeked.  I had to make a choice between G-Man and Bobby Lane.  Considering that The G-Man has proven he can make the Classic in 2012 by winning on Lake Tohopekaliga, Fla. I had a tough choice.  I picked Lane over Gerald because Bobby has proven time and agian he has what it takes to win in Florida.  Yes I picked JVD to round out my team, I have faith in the Rookie.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fishing Journal

I have always heard of the benefit of keeping a fishing journal.  I know pros keep them, and I have read and heard a lot about keeping one, just never have.  I have been reading a book by John Mark Warren entitles “Fishing With Confidence”.  It is not your average fishing book but well worth the money.
It deals with confidence if you didn’t guess by the title.  Last year I had great days on the water and some really bad ones.  Most of the bad ones came during tournaments.  I would have a great practice day or two and then tournament time and nothing.  I wish now I could look back at what worked then and didn’t for this coming year.
However I did not take the time to make a journal last year.  Well because I am going to fish with more confidence this year I think a journal will be a good idea.  Make sure you check out “Fishing With Confidence” and have a lot this tournament season.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finesse Fishing with Mike Iaconelli review

From www.mikeiaconelli.com
Yesterday my new Mike Iaconelli book arrived in the mail.  I had pre ordered the book weeks ago.  I have been looking forward to reading it.  I read Ike’s other book “Fishing On the Edge”.  It was one of the best books I had ever read.
So when the new book arrived about Finesse Fishing I jumped right in.  I could not put the book down.  It is packed full of helpful hints and how to work those finesse baits and techniques.  I would say I am a beginner when it comes to finesse fishing.  I have used a drop shot, and played with a shaky head.  I have never caught a bass on a shaky head and only a few on a drop shot.
I have always been fascinated by finesse fishing, but I have never been that good no matter how much I practice.  The book gives you a look at different finesse techniques, where to look for fish, electronics and my favorite chapter Ike looks at finesse rods, reels and line.  I have always shied away from finesse fishing because I didn’t understand how to work the lures, or what rod would be best.
“Finesse Fishing with Mike Iaconelli” handles every aspect of finesse fishing.  It is well written and does a great job explaining how to work bait, rig bait and even what kind of cast is best.  The book can esaly be read in a few hours. 
After reading the book I am excited to try some finesse fishing techniques this summer.  I know there is no exception for time on the water, but I feel better prepared and ready to try finesse fishing this summer.
If you are like me and are not a versed finesse angler I would say pick up Iaconelli’s new book.  You can order it from his website, or I’m sure it will be in book stores soon.  In the words of Mike Iaconelli “Never Give Up” and go get the book.