Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 10 Fishing Movies

I ran across Outdoors Girl top 10 fishing movies.  I have not seen most of the movies on the list to be honest.  So I am not sure I can have an opinion on the subject.  Non the less I am going to.  Here is Outdoors Girl’s top 10 list.
1) Old Man and the Sea (1958)
2) Moby Dick
3) Jaws
4) A River Runs Through It
5) The Perfect Storm
6) On Golden Pond
7) Old Man and the Sea (1990)
8) The Sea Wolf
9) Grumpy Old Men
10) Grumpier Old Men
The beginning of the blog mentions Bait Shop the Bill Engvall/Billy Ray Cyrus movie.  To be honest I liked it in fact I have desided to make my own top 10 list well should I say top 6 list of my favorite fishing movies.  I am sure that Moby Dick and the Old man and the Sea should be on it.  However I have never seen them.  I love the book the Old Man and the Sea.
1)      Grumpy Old Men
2)      Grumpier Old Men
3)      A River Runs Through it
4)      Bait Shop
5)      Gone Fishing
6)      On Golden Pond
The conclusion I have come to is we need more fishing movies.  Maybe someday we will get our fishing movies.  Until that day comes we need to enjoy the ones we have.  If you need a good laugh and enjoy stupid comedies go watch Bait Shop or Gone Fishing.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Follow up to "Was the Classic Unsafe" and Dave Wolak's Take

I had a post yesterday called Was the Classic unsafe?  I talked about the anglers using the new Lowrance Radar, and perhaps relying on it far too much.  My friend Tyler weighed in on the subject as well with his post A Foggy Situation”. 
I had the chance today to talk with an angler who was in the Classic and made those long runs to Venice on day one and two.  Dave Wolak was one of the anglers without the radar.  He runs Humminbird electronics and did not have the option, like those running Lowrance products. 
Dave told me he trusted his eye over the radar, even if he had the radar he would not have blown thru the fog.  When he got to fog he either idled thru it or went at plowing speed (10 to 12 mph).  When he came to a clearing he would take off until he reached a spot covered in fog again.
Dave told me: “long runs are always a calculated risk. That being said, I knew I may encounter fog and have to go slow. It’s the subjectivity of the call in the morning. If I am released and encounter fog that is unsafe to travel in anyway, then what is the difference....the difference is that I could have idles half way to Venice in that time. Also, that the area the winner was in would not have been beaten by Venice in that particular window of time no matter what time I or other competitors had down in Venice.... and how the stars alligned for the winning location and strategy was just’s just a different caliber and strain of fish there and when they are biting it's hard to beat from the river northern strain of Venice fish. But, total 8 hours of time in a tournament with the magnitude of the Classic I feel is essential. You have people qualifying from all over the world with complex strategies and all the competitors want is fairness across the board and objective rules that are not subject to "a call".
The biggest problem Dave pointed out with the fog delay was loss of time on the water.  On day two he had 40 minutes to fish and got five fish in that time.  Dave said as soon as number five hit the live well he was headed back.  He told me about day two more in-depth.  When he hit Venice the fog was so thick he didn’t think he could make it back for the weigh-in.  He told his marshal that if the fog did not lift he was going to make a call for his truck and pick him up there in Venice and call it a day.  He and the marshal with him could just fish for fun until his ride got there.  Soon things changed and fog began to lift, he got five keepers and though he could make it back.  The rest is history, he made it back didn’t make the cut and never got to fish day three.
Dave had some suggestions about what could have been done.  Everyone knew that fog is inevitable in the delta this time of year.  B.A.S.S. could have made take off time at 9:00 am when most of the fog burns off, moved the weigh-in time back which would have leveled the playing field for those making the long run. 
The time issue was a big deal this year.  I think Dave makes a great point.  What would have happened if the take off time had been moved back?   I want to leave you with this.  Radar is not the answer for  anglers to run fast down any body of water in fog.  Dave told me even if he had ten radars on his boat he would not have done that.  He would have used common sense and ran at a safe speed through the fog.  All anglers need to use are heads.
Anthony Smith lost his boat over the weekend on a body of water he knows very well when a log floating down stream struck his boat.  Radar would not have picked that up.  If fog had been added to the equation thing may have been worse.  Anthony may have lost his life not just a boat.
No matter how good the technology gets we need to make sure we use common sense and not always rely on the machines……I would hate to have to fight terminators someday!   
For More Bass Pundit weighed in as well

Rick Clunn Square bill Crankbait

I saw an ad for the new Rick Clunn Luck “E” Strike square bill crankbaits.  They look good, and I figure with rick clunn’s name on them they will be good baits.
I wondered though why did Clunn leave Lucky Craft?  To be honest I have never used a Lucky Craft lure.  The idea of paying $15 or more for a crankbait bothers me.  I use crankbaits a lot, plus when people are in my boat they use my stuff.  I can go thru a lot of crankbaits in a year. 
The price on the new RC Square bill crankbaits is around $7 making them more affordable.  I don’t know if they will replace the new spot in my box for the KVD 1.5/2.5 which I wrote a review on. 
However I can’t wait to get my hands on a few and see how they work.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Was the Classic unsafe?

I read an article today on Inside Line called “Do Not Try This At Home.”  The article was about the use of the Lowrance Radar some of the Classic contenders used this past weekend.  The author Pete believes that maybe B.A.S.S. should have banned the use of the radar.
The article makes a lot of great points.  I wonder however what damage could have been done if the pros did not have the radar?  I heard guys say they saw things on the radar and where able to avoid a problem.  Would there have been boat wrecks if the radars where not used?
Some pros made the run without radar; I can only wonder what were they thinking!  I think the radar was a helpful tool.  Pete lead me to believe he felt the anglers where relying on it too much and were being unsafe running down the lake at 70 mph.
I believe that B.A.S.S. needs to look at some of the rules and make some changes.  Some ideas I have.
1.   In long fog delays make water 120 miles away off limits.  (Yes that would be unfair to those anglers but they did know fog could be an issue)
2.   Maybe B.A.S.S. should look at the fact 250hp motors are breaking the 70 plus MPH.  Perhaps they should go back to the max 150hp rule. 
Safety has to be a priority considering bass fishing is the only sport that the spectators are allowed to be that close to the competitors.  B.A.S.S. and FLW need to look at that.  There are so many things that could go wrong with guys running that fast down the water. 
Yes boat and motor companies would pay the cost.  Let’s be honest weekend anglers buy what they pro’s use.  I’ve heard that KVD 1.5 and 2.5’s are flying off the shelves after KVD’s classic win……even though at no time on stage did he say that what he used.  Everyone assumes that’s what it was.
The point I am making is they pro’s dictate what anglers do on the water.  If we see pro’s doing unsafe things like running 120 miles in foggy weather a lot of guys will think the same thing.
Let’s stay safe out there.  If we are dead we can’t catch those big ones.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bass Master Classic starts with a Fog Delay

After all the waiting, looks like the angles will have to wait a little more.  The classic is under a fog delay this morning.  For those of us who are not able to make the trip to New Orleans you can follow video feeds on
At 3pm the weigh in will be live on  You can also follow blogs, about what is going on all day, and all weekend long. 
Make sure you check in with all day long for great videos and all the latest up to date stats and info all day long.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter Tackle Maintenance.

In Michigan the weather is still Cold, Snow is on the ground.  With winter starting to turn and once again make way for spring I saw an article about tackle organization on T brinks blog.  The difference is that this article was what not to do with Winter Tackle Maintenance. 
I have read countless blogs and articles about Winter Tackle Maintenance but this is one of the first ones I have seen about what not to do.  Remember winter is only for a season.  If you live in the North like me hang in there fishing season is just around the corner.  Watch those fishing shows and keep your head up.  We will be fishing before long.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pros Hit The Water to Practice

The Countdown to the Bass Master Classic has begun.  The pros are on the water practicing for the biggest tournament of the year.  According to most of the pros are launching from Venice Marina, which is a two hour boat ride from New Orleans.
The weather in Louisiana is cold this week however the weather is suppose to warm up next week which could make the tournament a slug fest.  Check out the full article from the Bass masters website.