Thursday, January 20, 2011

Radtke's Pike Minnow

I found a new lure while I was at the Ultimate Fishing Show in Detroit last weekend.  “Radtke's Pike Minnow” is a hard body jointed swim bait.  What makes this lure different from others is the fact that it has two actions in one.  The lure’s two actions are a left and right action and a slight rolling action, which allows light to reflect of the lip of the bait.  

The bait comes in two piece and three piece models.  There are 22 different colors to choose from as well.  The lure is said to work well in both fresh and salt water.  It is capable catching multiple species like Muskie, Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Coho, Stripers, Bluefish, Weakfish and Tarpon.  The lip on the bait is also bendable, which allows you to change the action of the lure and work it at many different depths.  

For more info on the “Radtke's Pike Minnow” visit their website:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The InvisaSwivel by Aquateko; “what is an InvisaSwivel?” you may be asking.  It is the newest swivel to hit the fishing market.  From the moment you see one up close you can tell there is something different about this swivel.  It’s made of plastic a Fluro-Clear material instead of metal.  The design of the swivel is completely different as well.  The InvisaSwivel is almost invisible in the water, unlike those metal ones we all use.

One of the most important aspects of the InvisaSwivel in my opinion is it is neutrally buoyant.  What does this translate into? More action in your Carolina rig.  When I tested the InvisaSwivel, I started throwing my Carolina rig in shallow water so I could watch the action of the lure.  With the InvisaSwivel tied on you could plainly see the soft plastic fluke I was using dancing back to the boat with more action than I have ever seen with a regular metal swivel.

Not only does the InvisaSwivel give your soft plastics more action on a Carolina Rig but it helps get rid of those horrible line twists we all get.  I used the InvisaSwivel on a spinning rod with 6 pound test fluorocarbon line, for drop-shoting.  It seems like most of the time when I fish a drop shot I fight the line twist more than I fight the bass.  In four hours of drop shoting with my spinning rod I never had a problem with line twist. 
The InvisaSwivel is as a great choice for those fishermen who like to fish braid with a fluorocarbon leader.  With the InvisaSwivel being clear under the water you can use the InvisaSwivel to connect the two lines together.  Your swivel and fluorocarbon leader will be clear under the water.

Tying the InvisaSwivel is easy as well.  You only need to know how to tie one knot for it.  A standard clinch knot works great, and the InvisaSwivel even helps straighten the knot itself.  On each end of the swivel you have a hole to run your line through and a notch underneath it.  The notch in the bottom of the swivel helps to straighten the knot when you cinch it into place.

The InvisaSwivel comes in many different line sizes from 12lbs to 200lbs.  A pack runs about 5 dollars for 5 swivels.  When compared to other swivels it is only a dollar or so more.  When you weigh in all that the InvisaSwivel offers like it’s neutrally buoyancy, and the fact that it all but disappears in the water the extra dollar doesn’t seem like a big deal.  Go get some today.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fishing Cover with a Atomic Tackle Company Football Head Jig

This was my first ever attempt at filming me fishing, its a little ruff!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Punch Bomb Video

Learn how to rig a Punch Bomb from Atomic Tackle Company.  Make sure you check out the website, there is over 30 skirt colors to choose from.  I use a Lazer  Trokar hook, and Biffle Bug.